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Python is the most commonly used programming language today due to its readability, whereas it is considered as the best programming language for beginners because it is complex and easy to learn, moreover it is most known, recommend, and chosen for beginners by professionals or rather teachers because of its huge market opportunities, followed by Javascript, for the both of them Python and javascript are running the corporate world.
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I’ve told this to a few people already.

If you are interested in all-round development I would totally recommend Python as it is readable and really easy to understand with a lot of expandability due to the wide variety of available library’s.

If you want to get into web development I would recommend getting into HTML5 first to get the basics down, then proceed with CSS3 and then JavaScript. 

Those will teach you the basics of front-end web development.

You can then use your python knowledge to do some back-end stuff.

There are more languages and I should not be the one to give these kinds of advice.

I got into programming only 3 years ago.

If you are interested in learning JavaScript and the p5 library I’d definitively recommend a English YouTuber named ‘The coding train’ He’s hyped, nice to listen too and good at explaining.

I wish you a lot of luck on your coding journey!
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C/C++ are the two of most fundamental programming languages which can be considered as the best programming languages for the beginners.

Python these days being the most popular language is also considered as the best language for the beginner, but what I feel is if once a person is well known with C/C++ language then for him/her python will also turn out to be easy and he/she can grasp it a bit earlier. 
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I think C programming language is better option for beginners because C is also known as mother of all programming languages.
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Listening skill is the best to learn a particular language. Then, communicate with the local people. It can be guided by having books or references to learn the words and the construction of the sentences. Nowadays, it is best to indulge oneself with online virtual teachers.
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I think Python is the best programming language for beginners.because it is very easy to is vey widely used language so it will be beneficial too.
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