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Please respond to this with regard to foreign languages other than English. 

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Although children learn languages the best but that doesn't mean adults too cannot.You just have to make up your mind that your are in it for the long haul.The following tips might help

Pick up 50 words of a language and start using them on people and slowly start picking up grammar.

Consistency separates the best student from the rest.Find a language habit you can follow

Use every opportunity to get exposed to the language from labeling every object in your house in this language to reading kids books written in it,watch subtitled talk shows or movies, or narrate parts of your day to an imaginary foreign friend.

You can use some help from technology like reseting the language on your phone or changing the language on your browser.You can Also seek out more learning opportunities online.

Some translators shared this advice.Italian and french translator Anna Minoli learned English by watching undubbed versions of her favourite movies while Ivan Stamenkovic suddenly realized he could speak English after years of watching cartoon network without the next time you need a cake recipe, find one in the language you are trying to learn.

Also, find native speakers near you or search for foreign penpals you can interact with or set up a language tandem online where two volunteers help each other out in practicing the new language.

Don't worry about making mistake s..just keep speaking in the foreign language.You can test your language skill with someone a little younger.Be patient..The more you speak,the closer you will get to the elusive ideal of a native-like fluency.

Try this tips and let's see how it goes.Goodluck with your new language learning.
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Have you tried these things yourself? and why choose someone a little younger to practice my skills on.. Does that mean younger than me.. I could be really old you know.
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I practically dropped my jaw when I read your reply..I took my time to give you some useful tips and all you could say is "Have you tried this tips?" as if I'm a goober..

Well,you may decide to throw away this tips and check online for other ones.Learning a new language as an adult is not easy unless you live in that country and interact with the natives.Anything other than that, u need to try some of this tips.. I tried learning polish when I wanted to travel to ploland.It wasn't easy...I have a polish friend who sent me some CDs I used to learn..he also introduced me to a polish girl that taught me some polish via whatsapp...

Annoying questions rub people up the wrong way..if you feel the tips I gave seem like a daunting task,then ignore the tips.

Making my answer invisible is way better than asking questions that makes one look like a dork.
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Thanks for the answer. I was confused about how I'm going to learn new language. 
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Hi! I'm a native English speaker who has learned Vietnamese, and is currently learning Spanish. The best thing to do is take a class, maybe online or locally. It helps to learn the basics, like pronouns, greetings, goodbyes, and simple conjugations. It varies for different languages. For example, in Vietnamese, you would need to learn different accents and how to differentiate how those would affect the pronunciation.

However, in Spanish, you would focus on present conjunctions, and the masculinity and femininity of certain words. Then, you would gradually add more and more knowledge to your database and learn how to create more complex sentences.

I totally definitely recommend using Duolingo to learn and practice different languages. Rosetta Stone is also another great resource.
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The best method for learning a new language to use the immersive method, which involves immersing yourself in the culture that speaks the language that you're interested in so that you can think like a natural speaker, and, therefore, learn to speak like a natural speaker. The other method is the Rosetta method, which is similar to the cultural immersive method.
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There are so many methods are there to learn the new language, you can watch English movies or series with subtitles and watch it again without a subtitle and try to imitate them if you don't have anyone you can practice with the mirror and see how you are pronouncing the words and try to improve that and you can learn about the grammar from the youtube channel nowadays so many people are teaching grammar for a particular language so that won't be an issue for you. After that, you can try some apps in the play store or if you are having an Apple smartphone in that store you can download the app and you can practice. Lastly, you can try to have a conversation with your friends or find a partner on the internet they will help you with the language don't hesitate to ask a doubt feel free to ask and learn new things. Hope you got the information.

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