Nowadays, most of the jobs require you to know at least one foreign language. Why is it so? 
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Learning foreign languages can help us know about other cultures and tradition not only that learning foreign languages help us travel to foreign countries with less trouble, In a new country the basic problem anyone faces is the problem of understanding which usually occur due to our lack of communication skill in a foreign language.  Learning foreign languages also improves our job prospects and may also work as a stair in our success.
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How many languages do you speak? Has it helped you personally? 
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- It helps us navigate through the locations and also culture of a foreign country when visiting.

- It helps us interact with people from that culture better and helps broaden our social group.

- It helps improve your brain network hence you are learning something new.

- It increases your general knowledge.
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Learning a foreign language is an essential thing when you are applying for a multi-national company.  So today it is impossible to get a job in a mnc. So you must have knowledge of a foreign language . However knowledge of English is sufficient to get a job in foreign countries.

Knowledge of foreign language help you to understand the culture and problems of people of that country.
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