At present, we cannot deny that there are so many changes that we need to accept in our lives. People around the world are freaking out because of this silent killer virus. Until now, we are still living in fear because there is no available vaccine to combat it. Now, we are starting to accept the changes, such as keeping in distance with other people, wearing face masks, eating healthy foods, and so on.


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I have stayed away from public places, till things improve, now I have to take a close look at people to make sure they are health conscious, secondly I avoid things that people just recently used, like seats, cups, spoons, plates and so on. 
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I cannot blame you for being conscious of everything. Even I don't use public transports in my city. I rather walk than riding them.
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The most thing that I want to change in order to succefuly in my life is confidence. Confidence is someting that very important to be great person, sometimes I loss that thing when I fell nervous. I currently still find the right way to increase my confidence

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I am sure you will find your ways to be confident. We can build this by believing oneself first. Once you had discovered your strengths, then use them. For weaknesses, we can still have changes to improve them.
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I wish to make so many change I wish to change my good to better and I wish to change my better to best in life that all thanks for question
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The skills  I want to put in my life is Public Speaking & be self-dependent  as soon as possible in life.Also,I want to roam about my favorite destinations in the world.

Well,expectations never end in life as we know, but still these are my aspirations from now.

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Mine is the improvement is faith. It is the thing that has helped me to go through the tough storm of the pandemic and am grateful. I do follow the health precautionary measures and have faith that all will come to pass and we will live normally again. 
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Since this pandemic ruined my personal goals: short-term and long-term, I need to do something new or even find a new job. I want to change others things aside from this concern mentioned.
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