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My niece came home today saying she has homework about writing a poem and she doesn't know how to start. I said to her, "start somewhere. "
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Yes, anyone can write a poem. The difference is whether it will be a good one or a bad one. The school must have given her the procedures needed for a good poem to be written. 
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Yes, she can start from somewhere. Me, I started when my parents was having problems. My first poetry is very sad. Actually a friend liked it and put on music to it. It became a lyrics. 
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The truth is, it's not everybody that has a knack for poetry. Poetry requires proper understanding on how to come up with something that is intellectually deep and can same time stimulate one's faculty. For you to be a poet, you must have to study others people's works, and from them, you can start to practice how to perfect your poetry skills. 
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Anyone can write a poem - and you're right! You do have to start "somewhere". This can be literally starting on the first line, or starting at a place where you may not be good at writing. The point is to get a rough draft, then go back and edit. 

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You are right, anyone can write poetry and it doesn't even have to rhyme. That is where many people find it difficult to understand. You don't need to rhyme the last word in every pome. A simple way to write a poem is a limerick. This is only 5 line and follows an AABBA rhyming scheme. That means the first two sentences need to rhyme, the next two need to rhyme and the last one rhymes with the first two. Here is an example of how she can do this easily and make people laugh at the same time:

I once knew a man named Pat

He wore a big black hat

Until one day

The wind blew it away

And now he wears a rat

These types of poetry are simple, they tell a small story and they make people laugh. 

There was an ugly old cat

He loved to spit and spat

He played in the road one day

Until a truck came his way

Now he is my new floor matt

It can be a lot of fun for her to write a few of these. I'm sure her teacher will love them and the kids in class will really laugh. 

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I think prose poems are easier to writer. All you have to do is write a paragraph or two about something and then break the paragraphs into single lines. Don't write complete sentence. Your prose poem is ready.
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Yes its possible but it's not that easy because its got some special things to take into consideration like lines,rhyming words among other things.

You couldn't just tell the kid to start from anywhere.First most of the lines in poems are always short then they're always divided into stanzas and verses. Besides they words must be clear, brief and pass a specific message not like an essay.
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I think anyone can write a poem but not everyone can write a good poem. Poetry does not have to rhyme or come in lines and stanzas. 

Poetry comes from a place deep within you. It comes from a creative heart and soul. Not everyone can spill their thoughts in inks all over the place. 

For me, anything raw, unrefined, unguarded and careless That comes from inside is poetry. You do not have to do all the embellishment. 

You are right, tell your niece to start pouring out from anywhere and it will finally make sense. If need be, she can rhyme the lines afterwards. 

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