I want to start a blog soon. What can I write about? I need some ideas about it ;)
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I really think that it is a great idea. I would like to start such a blog soon too. How do you like creating such websites, by the way? I like those themes from https://www.templatemonster.com/category/web-design-wordpress-themes/ for example and would like to recommend those to you too. Good luck with it!

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Hi Arews, I suggest making a list of your hobbies or things that you are really passionate about. Blogging is a great way for you to express your thoughts and ideas and by focusing these things on a certain field that you're really interested about, I believe would truly help you and make you an effective blogger. For example, I for one, maintain a travel website because my husband and I love to travel and I wanted this blog to chronicle all of the places that we've been to so far. If you're a foodie type of person, you may want to try a different restaurant or various eating places near you, just like making a review and capturing the photos of the food and how they taste like or how do you rate it. Hope this helps. =)
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It depends on what you want to write and what you want to write it for.

Do you want to make money with that? Then look for microniches and write about a particular topic that has a lot of demand.

Do you want to write for yourself? Then write anything.

The most important thing is that you write something that you feel good about, so you do not get bored afterwards.
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No matter what type of blog site you start, it has to interest you and you have to want to write for this site. Otherwise, it is a waste of time and energy to start one. People today create blogs on all types of different subjects. Some write a personal blog, while others write blogs to make money or give advice. If you want to start a blog and know if it is right for you, I'd suggest going to a free blog site first and just opening up a free blog. If this is interesting and you want to expand on the blog, you can always buy hosting services and host this online. This takes away the free status in your domain name. 

Here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

  1. Personal blog
  2. Make Money Online
  3. Home Improvements
  4. Life Hacks - tips and tricks
  5. Food blog
  6. Gardening
  7. Landscaping
  8. Home improvements
  9. Saving money
  10. Living on a budget
The list can go on and on. You'll have to be the one who pics the perfect subject for your blog. Once you start, you'll need to dedicate a few hours a week to write on your blog and also promote your blog. Otherwise, people can't find this blog and you'll be writing for yourself. 
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The niche you choose should depend on your blogging goals. If you are blogging primarily for fun, you do not have to worry about the topics, you can write anything you want. If you want to make money, choose a lucrative niche and do a lot of research before writing the post.
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I have lots of blogs. I have review blogs, blogs that express my thoughts and opinion about trending topics, blogs about my pets, and blogs about passionate writing. I am not active as of the moment but I want to continue and I will continue. The blog topics I mentioned above are my interest. Writing it keeps me awake and inspired. You need to put out something because you love it. Your interest will get high when you love what you are doing. When you love what you are doing, then it means you will have lots to share and your readers will truly enjoy what they will be reading from your blogs. 

Think for a moment what are your interest. Does writing about it will make your blog to stay for long or not? Do you think you will enjoy writing it? Do you think your readers will benefit with whatever they read from you? Try also to ask your family and friends. What are the things that people love to read online? That is why I have a blog that involves around trending topics because I get more readers.
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First of all, if I want to start my brand new blog, I would pick the topic I love and curious about it. I could only keep writing if I write something I want to share. Or I might run out of idea quickly. 

You can write anything, like helping people to start their own blog with WordPress like Bluchic and WPbeginner, which are good website to teach people start a blog to make money. If you want to share the scam experiences online to guide people to spot online scam, you can start your blog like Cyclonis Blog, which is a company blog but you may find something interesting about their writing.

If you just want to write something for yourself, not looking forward to any audience, then you could just ignore what I say following. If you do, then you have to consider the questions as follow.

"Are there others who are interested in the same thing?"

You could just Google it and see how many results could there be? If it only gets like 5 pages, then you might not get audience for your blog. And you could find out details to help you determine more related ideas.

 "Is my idea too broad"?

Choose a specific topic. For example, if you want to start your travel blog, choose a more specific keyword like backpacking or RV travel. 

If you specify your blog ideas, you might get more suggestions or ideas from others:) too.

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Whatever it is that you want to write about, I think you should always begin with something that interests you. Because then you won't be having a hard time in writing stories about it. Starting a blog is not easy so how much more is keeping it active. The key is to focus on your interests that you think other people will also take interest at.

For instance, nowadays people are more engaged in traveling. If you are the outgoing type of person, then you may start by writing your experiences about the places you've been to while giving the tips and the DOs and DONTs for future travelers. Moreover, people are also into online businesses. You may also want to venture in that. Write reviews about the sites, which are quite popular and sites that aren't. Compare them and present the drawbacks of choosing one from the other.

There are a lot of things to write about but what matters most is whether you like to write about them.
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