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The difference between On-site SEO and Off-site SEO is mention beneath. 

On-site SEO involves making sure your website's pages .title, tags, content and overall structure are optimized for your target keyword. you also need to make sure that you have a significant of inbound links from highly respected external websites that is call off-sites SEO.

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SEO -SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZER is a person who works on a search engine to make it more easy to use. For a higher rank SEO work onsite and make the search engine more friendly to use, that is to make certain elements in a website and its content more user-friendly. So that the user can use the search engine and understand the content.

An offline SEO takes action to promote his website. He provides links to his websites on social media etc.


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On-Site SEO is a process done only in the internal part of the website. In this, you maximize the SEO process inside the website without involving outside elements. It becomes one of the important factors in determining the website ranking.

Off-Site SEO is a process done outside the website.One example is to put the website link on another website termed as backlink.
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There are two main steps for SEO Strategy,


ON-Page SEO is a practice of optimizing web pages to rank higher and get more organic traffic on search engines such a Google, bing and Yahoo.


OFF-Page SEO strategy is meant to improve search engine ranking and targeted traffic, relevancy, credibility and authority. It include social sharing, guest posting, local citation and many more.
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On-page (or on-site) SEO

This includes tweaking elements such as:

.Using title tags focusing on your keywords.

.Creating descriptive and enticing meta description.

.Ensure your content is at least 500 words long to provide better value.

.Wrapping your focus keyword in a H1 and some H2 tags.

.Making sure your image file name includes your main keyword.

.Keeping your URLs clean, simple and logical.

.Inclusion of long tail keywords, LSI
.Limiting the title to 60 character below

.Making your social sharing buttons prominent.

Off-page (or off-site) SEO:

.Find out who is using your content.

.Replicate great content and make it better.

.Write for popular publications.

.Create and distribute video content.

.Create great infographics.

.Leverage your business relationship.

.Comment on popular blogs and forums.

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