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May be having some bad dreams and scratching your own face?

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• skin is the largest part of the human body. Every small change in environment first affected by the skin.

• skin is sensitive part, wewe unknowing put pressure on skin while sleeping.

Try to sleep on your back  or side position to  avoid the scratches .

Scratches are not a big problem to deal with..
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It's not uncommon to wake up with scratches. I have woken up with marks on my face before and I just assumed it was because I was scratching in my sleep, maybe because of skin irritation or just because I was restless.  

I would make sure you keep your finger nails short so as not to cause too much damage in future as you don't want to tear the skin and cause infection.
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This can happen if you scratch unconsciously at night. This happens to my little brother very often and I noticed that when he's asleep ,he is always scratching, tossing and turning around. Another thing could be that you don't just your bed properly before you go to sleep. Perhaps you eat, drop stuff and forget to wipe your bed sheets. Sometimes these debris, granules and crumbs from different substances can be a little rough on the skin.
This may also have to do with location of your bed. If it is close to the window where there are grasses and plants outside, insects can find their way into your room, on your bed and on your skin while you sleep.
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I do see people complain about waking up to some marks or scratches and attributing it to some unknown forces or simply termed it as spiritual attacks. I don't know what give them such ideas because I think those concocted reasons are just the figment of one's imagination.

When one sleeps,there's always unintentional turning, twisting, scratching,pushing ,laughing you name it going on.One is in an  unconscious stage and as such a lot can happen that one wouldn't just be aware of.

So apparently some of these scratched or marks actually comes from us through the scratching of our face unconsciously or piercing our skin with our fingers whether long or short. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. We just injured ourselves unconsciously.
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For me that is normal. I sometimes scratch my face because sometimes I have long nails and when a mosquito drops on my cheek, started biting me, I will scratch it for sure that leads to a red mark scratch when I see in the morning. Sometimes my pets will do some scratches when they started to play with my face while sleeping, especially my kittens. I have kittens that loves to touch my eye brow. We are not aware of what we are doing when we are sleeping that is why it is quite normal we experience that kind of things. Yes, sometimes a nightmare could lead us to hurt our own selves. Maybe on our dream we are trying to run after someone or we are literally trying to wake up that is why we hurt ourselves and the marks are left on our faces. It happens to everyone too.
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If It were to any part of Africa country especially where I am from, I would have attributed it to witchcraft. I guess this case is totally different and at such I think it could be physically related.

Often times, when we sleep, we are in constant struggle to keep ourselves in proper sleeping position. We are unconsciously battling with our surroundings via engaging in all sort of scratching as a result of twisting and turning which we don't know of.

This is common mainly when we have done a lot of tiring tasks during the day, and due to this we could sleep in a way that we barely care about our surroundings. In situations like that, we could find ourselves waking up having marks inflicted unknowingly by ourselves all over our body.
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You probably behaving a bad dream scratching your face and that is the reason behind it.SOmetimes when we dream especially if trying to touch or hurt our self in our dream, it's actually happening without you knowing because you are asleep. And because you are dreaming and you are thinking it's not real or maybe it looks like real in your dream. It is more likely with sleep walking. You don't know you are sleepwalking at night because you think in your dream you are not sleeping and you are awake. This is the reason's too some sleep walkers end up hurting themselves,like falling, hit by cars,etc. The scratch on your face happened while you are dreaming. Maybe someone scratches you in your dream and you trying to stop it causing you scratch yourself instead.
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I think after having a very deep sleep at night, a lot of reasons could have caused having stretches on your face in the morning or when you wake up. Some of those reasons that stroke my mind are:
1. If you sleep and the part of the face made long and direct contact with pillow cloth. It then made marks in form of stretches of the face. If that is the cause; then it will fade away in no distance time.

2. Certain insets are capable of causing great harm to the skin, if the are allowed on the skin for a long period. So, the room should constantly be fumigated with insecticide. Termites, cockroach and other insects are dangerous to the skin.

3. Some people or person might have scratch the face while sleeping due to certain infections on that part of the skin.

4. It might be due to bad dreams and spiritual attacks. It must not be left for granted.
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This is quite an unusual happening to me or my circles. I find it quite weird to hear that someone woke up with marks all over their faces if they were not fighting with someone in their sleep. Usually  i would say or rather think that you were fighting in your dreams with someone, or there was some kind of spiritual attack on you, because really how do you explain this kind of thing. I would understand if it has happened to you once or twice but if it is an everyday thing, then you can be rest assured that it is not normal. You could be fighting with dark forces and you are not aware of, i feel like this is something that should not be ignored or taken lightly if it is a genuine story. Over the years there has been stories where people have talked about being attacked in their sleep, and after being interrogated, they agreed that they could have had a demon attack, how true this is i cannot affirm, but it could be something like. Demons are real and they exist so i wouldn't refute the fact that someone can be attacked while sleeping. Maybe you need to pray about it ans see if it will stop happening. I don't know if i believe in that notion of scratching one self, would you scratch yourself so hard and miss to feel the pain? i don't think so.

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