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Never tried to go on a gyme so, I don't know if someone can hit you there when the equipments are arrange far from each other. 

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A very long time ago I would go to the gym 4 nights a week with my girlfriend. We would normally go down to the weightlifting room to work out and not use the electronic machines they had. One night there were two guys there working out. They really tried hard to impress us with how much they could lift and trying to show off in front of us. Neither of us paid much attention to them during our workout. However, one of the guys came to where I was working out and offered to help me with my lifting skills. Instead of trying to help me all he cared about was playing touch and grab. That one didn't last long and I accidentally dropped the weights on his foot. 
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Haha, that was a good one. I think if there were some girls in men's gym then every guy out there will work out two or three times than normally they would. They may become Mr.World too :D
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There is a gym centre that I usually visit during the weekends and exercise my body to keep me fit. The gym centre is located in Esso area of Bids.

On a faithful Saturday in gym I was actually walking through to my own gym machine when a particular lady who was on a wheel-walk fell on me. At first I thought it was intentional until when I picked or carried her and placed her on the chair to gain her calm. I then noticed that she was injured with a broken limb. I helped her to stretch it and she 2as good to walk.

So I lift her up to take her home, th3n we got talking and I got to know that it was her first time to visit the gym centre. She then narrated how she came into the town newly as a corp member and decided to visit the gym and keep fit.
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I have not experienced this and this is something that I don't think that it is write for anyone to try on another person. For goodness sake, I don't really enjoy being in that situation where you are being intimidated by those that think that they have the physical power to do so.

I have been working out back in those days at one place that have a gym and the instructor always tell us not to use what we are learning there against others that we see out there.

Such has been the way that I have been living since I always look forward to the way that I live my life in a cool and respectable way. Also, even those that are in martial arts school are always taught that there is no need to keep trying to use what they have learnt against others as that is wrong and an infringement on the Human Rights.
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I tried working out in a gym. I think it was 2015. I haven't experience getting hit in the gym. I am mostly on a gym that composed of woman. The exact name of my gym was Women's Gym. I tried working out in a gym that has lots of guys but it was awkward. It didn't last long. I only stayed there twice and I never come back. I can't take men looking at me while working out. Some of them are laughing. Maybe because I am doing it wrong with some weights.I am even not comfortable with a gym instructor that is a man. I prefer woman. I am more comfortable with woman because surely she will understand what I am going through with my weights. So getting hit in the gym with someone, it will never happen. Also, I never look at people in the gym. I do my thing and  work for an hour and leave.
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This is something very common especially in gym house where there are so many opposite sex working out on daily basis. If you are very observant with how most gym members dresses, it would be very obvious to see that most of the ladies look so sexy especially when they swear on their workouts outfit. So, it's only natural and normal for most guys at the gym to hit on the female members using the gym to carry out their exercises.
As a man, I can honestly tell you that I have hit on a few female gym members which I am currently friends with some as there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. One thing I found out along the way is that most of them are having the same feelings as we men do, so it's a mutually beneficial feeling where no one gets hurt in the process.

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