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It is not a matter of medicine, but hormone.

If you have WAY too much hair you can go talk to an endocrinologist (doctor that treats hormones) and tell your story to them.

Also, having too much hair during a certain period of your life (teens) is normal, as your hormones are changing.

Now if they are too much all the time and it really bugs you you can talk to a doctor and he can evaluate your situation and prescribe you certain hormones to change it.
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There are other methods you can use to reduce body hairs like the conventional shaving, waxing, plucking, and electrolysis. Since you are so keen on medicine, there are medicines that slow the production of androgen which is the hormone responsible for excess hair. 

Birth control pills can reduce androgen production. There are also anti-androgen medication like Aldactone, Proscar that block the production of androgen but may take months to work and have side effects like birth defects. So it is best to stay away if you are planning to have a child .

Vaniqa(eflornithine) also slows hair growth but it doesn't get rid of existing hair. I hope this helps you.  
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 Use of oral prescription drugs is the best medical method for reduction of body hairs. This drugs are not limited to tablets so you can also get a cream that will do away with the body hairs. You will also need to consult a doctor since this drugs can have side effects which vary from one person to the other. 

The advantages of this prescription drugs are many. First, popping a pill is painless unlike other prescription which can cause sneezing, wetting eyes and be knuckle-clenching. This oral prescription drugs, pills and creams can permanently remove body hairs unlike others which are temporary. Lastly, there is no mess involved, all you need is the pill or cream and water. 
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Lotions and creams containing sodium/calcium thioglycate.They work by hydrolysing and disrupting disulphide bonds of keratine causing the hair break and separate from the skin.Although this is a temporary method

In case you need to remove the hairs permanently, you should try electrolysis. Whereby, you use electric epilation to permanently remove the hairs in the body.Inserting fine needle into the hair follicle then firing electric current to damade the hair follicle.
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The best and most effective medications for reducing body hair growth basically, is done by targeting the hormone rsponsible for hair growth and this hormone is called androgen which is male sex hormone. They are not only produced in the male but also in the female folks. Despite the fact that we have several medications for treating excessive hair growth such as short-term and long-term treatments but the most effective one is the long-term. They are as follow:

Birth control pills; they inhibit the production of androgen. Since this sex hormone is linked with hairs production too, it can thus reduce their growth in the body.

Anti-androgen medication trreatments; these set of steroid hormones such as aldactone and proscar help to block the ability of the androgen to affect the body's production of hairs just like the birth control pills.

Eflornithine; this is a cream meant to slow hair growth. It's not known to remove existing hairs but it can be used for face and chin hair removal.

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