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Congratulations if you are a mom now. Well, it might seem like a real challenge to lose weight after having a baby. This happens because there are many hormones in your system, and these hormones need to get stable before you go back to your routine as a not-so-pregnant-woman. 

Of couse it will take a while, after all you will probably breastfeed and so on, however there are some very good measures to help you lose weight fast 9as some Hollywood stars manage to do as well, and you will not need a lot of money). You need to get one of those tight bandages/panties that are tight around the belly and waist. That way it will help you not get flaci in the area (and will also help you avoid stretch marks).

Then you should exercise, start slow with a treadmill and then you move on from there. Make sure you walm at least 1 hour every day. Also use lotions and creams that help you make your skin in the belly firm (I love the NUK CARE brand, it helps a lot especially with stretch marks).

But please, make sure you check the products that you will use on your body and check if they are safe while breastfeeding (in case you will breastfeed), so it is safe for the baby as well.
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Breastfeeding is said to be the best way to lose weight after having a baby as it burns off so many calories. From my own experience I would say this is true as with both my children I got back to my pre pregnancy weight after just a few months of feeding them.

However, not all women want to breastfeed so there are others ways to control weight. Obviously diet will be important too and gentle exercise, nothing too strenuous as the body takes time to recover after carrying another little life and giving birth. I used to love going for leisurely walks with my baby in the pram and the fresh air did us both good.

Your doctor can also give you exercises that are suitable for women who have just had children or you could even look online but remember it can take time to return to what you were before so don't overdo it and enjoy your baby.
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Being a mom comes with other responsiblities and you're also trying to balance you weight to be fit.To others it might be easy while others find it hard.For example, eating a well balanced diet can help and avoid cravings for the favorite foods. Have several snacks around you to keep you off the junk.

Also the more you breast feed the more are the chances of cutting some excess fats.You have to be cautious and not take advantage that you're breast feeding and eat the junk tat you'd missed.

You also have to do some indoor exercises(aerobics) to keep your muscles strong. Indoors exercises are highly recommended because you're a mom and cannot afford to go for outdoor exercises.

Also, drink a lot of water to avoid being dehydrated and also water increases the rate of metabolism. At the same time water accelerates weight loss.Finally, ensure that you get plenty of sleep.
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The journey of pregnancy not easy yet it is exciting because another angel is coming around. Some says, you need to eat more because you don't feed yourself alone but you feed two. This is only myth, and true you should not starve yourself if you are pregnant. You can eat what you want during pregnancy except sugary and fatty foods.

 And then here you go, your baby is here and you are thinking how to reduce or get rid of that baby pouch. Your baby pouch is a result from stretching during pregnancy since your baby grow inside your womb, so literary, your womb is still squeezing itself to normal size anytime soon. You have to wait for that maybe around a month, your focus is your baby and yourself. If your breastfeeding, chances are you will loose weight easily, that what's happens to me. But, don't forget to feed yourself every now and then, just because you don't have a baby anymore in your tummy,you need to loose weight instantly by not eating. Proper eating and is a good way to get back your ideal body in real time. But not soon enough as every women are very different. And when your body is ready, you can do exercise at while still taking care of your little one and watch out your food intake too. Eating more healthy is more important at this stage.
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It is a good news that you're a mother, I congratulate your honourably. Meanwhile, gaining and loosing weight is generally a thing that is normal to your system to adapt and adjust to situation and feeding. In the first place, when you complain of gaining weight, what time if food are you eating?. Dieting is one of the most relevant key to sound health and physical posture. It is imperative to note that due to child birth,  will tends to increase and veins will enlarge to suit your relaxed system.

So I suggest you learn to sleep early, so that your system will alwa6s detoxify aaccurately. When you wake up around 5am, you should go for warm up exercise to release and burn out fats that might have hidden in the body. I'll not suggest the use of belt and cream since it has side effects. Rather you should restructure your diet. God bless the baby.
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