When someone has a dementia, how can you deal them?
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if there is someone who has dementia , i will deal it by having a lots of patience in my self. It is not easy to deal who has dementia. You must understand the situation why they are dealing that kind of sickness. 
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Try to understand how they feel. Put yourself in your parent's shoes. ...

Ask questions. ...

Be patient. ...

Give choices. ...

Take it slow.
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Consult a doctor. ...


Prepare for the appointment. ...


Accepting the diagnosis. ...


Make long-term plans. ...


Reach out. ...


Do your research.
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We cannot do anything but to accept a person who has dementia. It is not his or her fault to have it. Dementia is progressive and we cannot delay or stop it.
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Its not easy to accept any new or unusual condition normally. In order to accept a parent with dementia, just think of your childhood when you did lots of mistakes but your parents never abandoned you, they taught you how to speak, how to walk, how to eat, how to read and so on. And now when your parent have developed an unavoidable health condition so its your turn to pay back and love them the way they loved you whole life.
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