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Yes, there is!

Just like Android application, there is an iOS application to add 'Shot On' and 'Shot By' tags to the photos captured using iPhone named 'iShotOn Watermark Stamper'.

Along with the ShotOn tags you can also include the 'Brand Logo' of your device!

you just have to follow few steps and that's it. Capture picture and a stamp will be added t it!

Hope you will like it!


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I like your answer very much. Your answer is useful for everyone.

Thanks for give your openion about this.
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AFAIK there never has been a tag option, in the default iPhone Photos app, until now (iOS 12.1, March 2019). However, there are alternative apps you can download that have you the option to add tags to your photos. I use HashPhotos now, because tags is a free option in this app.
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