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I am going on a vacation and want to add GPS stamps on every photo I capture. Is there any way to do so?

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2 Answers

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You'll need to check your phone and see if your camera has a GPS locator that you can turn on. Most cameras don't normally have this. You can check in the setting of your phone by bringing up the camera. Check if it allows you to turn on the GPS. If not, you're going to need to download an app that will do this for you. 

Normally all really good photos apps that are free won't allow you to do this. Therefore, you will need to purchase the app that can do this for you. I know of two different apps that will GPS tag your photos for you. They are Lightroom and GPicSync. In order to do this correctly, you'll need to make sure your phone is set to the correct time in your location and your camera will also have to be set to the correct time. 
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You can use any camera or mobile phone which creates EXIF data of every photo captured and then extract the data and update where it was taken. Or another option to do so is that you can use Auto Stamper for photo app which has the functionality to get your photos watermarked with an accurate location. 

The best part is that your picture quality won't be compromised as it uses your phone's inbuilt camera.

Hope it helps!
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