We do! 52 days until Presidential Election Day, November 3rd.

Any comment?  Any response? Any disapproval? Or approval about the 97% of people voting for President Trump for 2020 President?


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I have been watching the daily videos on YouTube posted by CNN, MSNBC and other publishers. These offer very interesting sidelights on aspects of the election campaign, including clips from actual speeches.
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Thank you. We watch Fox News, Mike Huckabee, Conservative Resurgence, The White House,Tucker Carlson, The Five Fox News, Hannity, Sky news Australia, Prager University. Aaily Caller, One America News Network, Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan.
Fox News has been very disappointing since after November 3rd US Election. So, I've unsubscribed. Except with Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Greg Gutfeld Monologues, Judge Jeanine.
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