In every working place, employees need to be flexible. Being under pressure is given to them. The question is can they cope up with pressure at work? How can they do it?


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The answer is not to let the pressure get to you, and how you do this will depend to large extent on where the pressure is coming from.

One quite common form of pressure is having tasks coming your way far too close together - you have hardly got to grips with a problem before another one lands in your in-tray. If you just stop Task A and start on Task B, then Task C and so on, you will never finish anything and the pressure will only get worse. The solution is to finish one task before starting another - except when the second task makes the first one unnecessary. 
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So it means we cannot do multitasking. At some point, we really need to do tasks one step at a time. However, some companies require their employees to be flexible and can do other things at the same time. I am sure it will be overwhelming to handle these tasks in one sitting.
As long as you are able to switch from parts of one task to parts of another one and back again, so that both are completed on time, that sounds fair enough. My problem is (or was, when I was in full-time employment) being expected to drop Task A to concentrate on Task B, which in turn could not be completed before Task C turned up. That sort of scenario is what leads to stress.
I got your point. The worst scenario that I had experienced this when still working with the local government. I must say that they are not organized in doing their tasks. At some point, I prefer to work with non-government organizations (NGOs) instead.
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To be honest it is very difficult to work under pressure.working under pressure can lead to poor performance, low productivity and low business profits.

This can also cause less innovative ideas which could play a big role in the company's productivity and performance
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I do agree with you. However, some companies prefer to hire people who can work under pressure without supervision. 
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