I want to know to clear some doubts about truths & myths..
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The 5 second rule is a myth. Eating food within 5 seconds of dropping it on the floor is not safe; bacteria can contaminate food within milliseconds.
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It became a joke here in our area and it was changed into 5 minute maybe because of shortage of food. :(

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Having a teenage girl as your spouse can heal one of HIV AND AIDS. It's a dreadful myth and so many teenage girls have been infected and their dreams shuttered. 
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Some myths about ghosts and knowing the back stories of dead people. When you see a ghost for me it is not a real spirit, it is caused by your mind that create a chain reaction to the person with you. Spirits are unseen then why can you see it from a dead person?
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It is a myth that elders who are in menopause or andropause can have calcium when drinking milk to maintain strong bones and prevent the bones to be fragile.
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Flat earth. Can you think of a earth with flat surfaces. Bulls get angry on seeing red colour. Starfish has very less memory.
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