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Yes. I wish, I knew more about online cheaters and why all the revenue share sites pay only peanuts.
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I wish I knew more vocabularies so I can write confidently and make my own blog.
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I wish i knew more about foreign languages like Spanish, French, German,etc.
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The same as Chrisking. I would love to know more languages. My partner is English but speaks fluent German, French, Russian and Spanish. He also understands and speaks a little Polish. I think it's a gift and would love to be the same but I can only speak a little pigeon French.

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I wish I knew more about how the minds of other people work. How they think especially about the things that they choose not to talk about. I wish I could just take a walk in the mind of another person so I can see with my eyes if the streets are clean, full of dark corners or filthy. So many people have hidden agendas and you never really can tell.

I wish I knew more about how to help humanity. The sick, the helpless and poor. Some people are so sick that nothing remedies the pain. If I only knew that one thing that would make it all go away. Finally, it is not rocket science but I wish I had more general knowledge than I do right now.
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As a Christian there are lot of things I really have questions for but answers are not forth coming I wish I could get answers to them like:

Who created evil? Can a merciful God just create evil and if so what was suppose to be the importance of that?

If we get forgiven of all our sin here on earth as we pray for forgiven,then what is the essence of the judgement again after death and which sin will God be judging again.

Where can find hell,is it in heaven or earth. Is heaven and hell really a place or a feeling we pass through when we die,I wish I could get simple answers to this not the bogus preaching from people like me.
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Hi. If I may ask, do you believe in the existence of heaven and hell?
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I think the story of creation of man, Lucifer disobeying God and becoming a fallen angel explains how evil came about. 
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I am referring to the actual place where the souls are thought to go to.
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Could you expatiate on that,Who made Lucifer disobey God if he is Satan himself.I know we humans attribute the bad things we do to Satan ,how about the one Lucifer did,who prompted him to disobey?
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Yes I do.but not really as a place but feeling that one go through,heavenly when things are beautiful and hell when things are tough.
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I think everyone is responsible for his actions. Lucifer's ego caused him to disobey God. It wasn't evil initially. 
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I wish I had more medical knowledge. If I had my time over again I would love to train as a paramedic and help people as I think it is a really worthwhile job. They have saved my son's life on more than one occasion and I think it must be so rewarding to go home at the end of the day and know that you have spent it helping people although I guess it can be very upsetting at times when you do your best and aren't able to save a life.

The other thing I would love to be able to do is speak another language. I really admire people who come here and can read and write in a language other than their own. I understand and speak just a little French but I don't speak it fluently. My partner is gifted that way and speaks four languages fluently (English, French, German and Russian) and two others he can speak less well but is able to hold a conversation with people of that nationality (Spanish and Polish).
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Yes, I have  always wished to know what happens after death of someone. Do they really see the after world? I would wish to know where the corps souls usually go to. Also, I have heard several cases of people dying then coming to life but abnormally, why? I really have a lot of questions regarding death if only God could help me understand all these I will really be comfortable.

Also, related to death, I would like to know how the end times would be like. Whether what's prophesied in the Bible is real and whether it will pass and after how many years. Also, I'd love to know whether hell is real or just a theory. With all these questions answered I'll be very happy, otherwise am still carrying on with my research regarding this.
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For me, knowledge about Diabetes is all over the internet. One of my regrets is that, I did not take advantage of researching about it, that I did not help my father. Well, I helped my father in different aspect. I am always there for him, but since I saw how strong he is, then I did not take advantage of learning about diabetes that he have. It is not the reason why he died, but maybe the lack of knowledge to save him more, on an emergency situation is what I am feeling bad right now. He had a stroke last year and was admitted in the hospital for 3 weeks. He died. If I knew we will never bring him home because of diabetes complication, I will have done something even the start of him having diabetes. It was a big regret for me but God says that things happen for a reason and he is healing me at present.

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