Sometimes  life  changes  the  ways  but  we  have  to  realize  that  after  raining  omes  fairy  weather.
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If I could live anywhere I would live in  a beach house. I would love to wake up to the beautiful waves every morning. I love the smell of the ocean too.
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I would move to cyprus or new york. New York at the start of my career to build my name and meet different people, feel the buzz of the city. When I'm a bit older I would like to move to cyprus because it's the most zen place that I have ever visited, the people are so sweet and the food is incredible and of course the mountains and the beaches just seal the deal for me personally. 
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I like Europe so much because of the architecture and old beautiful building. My favorite countries to live are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland. 
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If i would be able to live everywhere in the world, i  would like to live in white house as i think its the most safest and luxurious place in the world then i would keep rolling round the world ;-)
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If I could choose to live anywhere I would choose a small village in China. This because I love the tradition there and their food and their way of life . And plus I love their climate there so I think it would be a good option for me.
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