Pets are nice to have but are a responsibility to you. Any pet you have you need to spend time with it.
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My favourite pet is rabbit. Her name is Rambo. Rambo looks like very cute and shiny and looks in pure white colour. It has 2 tiny ears and she always goes around me , plays with me and dance with me.
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My favourite type of Pet would be a gold fish. Or any pretty tropical looking fish. They not only beautify my surroundings but they are less messy than other animals 
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Gold fish are so cute and beautiful, but there lifespan is of very short period, and from my personal exprience I can say that the pain of losing a pet is equal to losing a human, So I would never prefer to keep a keep with short life span, because we get attached to them and the pain of speration is unbearable.
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My favorite pet is a dog. They are so easy to live with and can be trained with ease. Dogs can perform so much and help us in many ways. They protect us, play with us and a great companion. 
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Yes, I agree dogs are the best pet but this line does not go for my Uncle's dog, he is the most unpredictable and crazy dog I ever meet.
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My favorite pet animal is a dog. I love dogs because they are honest and the most friendly animals. They are also loyal for their owners. They are able to be a best friend when I am alone. Dogs are wonderful and smart animals.
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My favorite pet is a dog because they very loyal and majestic they're always there when you need them for support and are just so darn cute overall dogs are the best pets(in my opinion)
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Yes, I agree dog are tge cutest pet and I guess most of the people will go with this. Because there behaviour are so similar to human, especialy in case of expressing emotions.
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I am a pet lover!

I have had cats, dogs, and fishes, they all have been a great company, but the best pet for anyone will depend on our lifestyle.

Right now I am pretty sure that a cat is my favorite pet, they seem to be very independent, but they can also be adorable and very affectionate, the sound of the prrrrrrrrr on their chest is the purest proof of love because it becomes intense when they see you, it also happens when they see their food, but I'm pretty sure they will love you more than they love their food <3

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Dogs as pet

Cat as pet
Monkey as pet
Hen as pet
Chicken as pet
Lion as pet
They are all good in the house as pet but I varies from the one you like to choose
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My favorite pet would be a cute cat. Most people out there are dog lovers. I love dogs too. But I would like to have a cat as a pet. Dogs teach you unconditional love. Cats teach you personal space, boundaries and consent. 
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My favorite pet is Rabbit. His name is Chuchu. Chuchu looks very cute and Handsome. It has excellent front teeth's and it eats lovely. He wondered at my house and stay always beside me. I love my Chuchu.
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My favourite pet is dog. Its great to have to spend time with. Its quite loyal and friendly to b with. It a great companion to b with and enjoy. We usually forget all our pain stres and all wen we r with these loving pets.
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I could never choose between dogs and cats, except to say that cats are easier as far as finding a place to live if you don’t own a home. I would not be able to live without having both I’m pretty sure, but definitely not without cats. My pets mean the world to me and consume my life.

Having said that, I also try to do animal rescue around my neighborhood. Over the years, I’ve picked up multiple dogs off the streets (including my current three dogs), and I take them to the shelter or a rescue group if possible. I’ve had to take a few to our kill-shelter out of desperation, but I still believe safety — even if it leads to the tragic, disgusting euthanasia that is so common in our country — beats being hit by a car or shot by nasty humans. I’ve fed feral cats (practicing TNR) for over a decade as well, and have taken in at least 40 cats in that time.

Dogs and cats are a reason to live, in my opinion.

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well frankly speaking I have many pets and I do love them a lot but unfortunately I want to bring a white tiger and make it my favorite  pet but it is not practically possible as I am not a Dubai prince though......LOL!!!
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My favourite pet is a dog. They are so well behaved, easy to train and they are faithful too. Dogs never forget anyone in their life. Even after you meet them after a couple of years, they run upto you.
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I love dog and my dog name is stefu. I think only he is so loyal to me rather than any humans. When I am emotionally weak he is always there for me to cheer me up. He loves eating roti from my mom.
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