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It is known that estrogen levels are high in women during pregnancy which make most women more attractive (not everyone though) and beautiful especially on early stages of pregnancy. During this time men may get attracted and may get an urge to have a sexual relationship with her girl. What does a woman feel at those times? Are they really interested in sex during pregnancy?
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No, my hormones doesn't wanted my partner even touch me so I don't agree with it. I don't know why some pregnant women wanted their husband to do it.
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I have heard some crazy things about having sex while pregnant and it seems that it's medically supported. 

So, as long as their is nothing wrong with it, I'm fully alright with it. 

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Good question, i think they like every bit of it. Am sure if a guy offers them they would not reject the offer in most cases. Usually they are very high on oestrogen just like you have said. The hormones are raging out of control at that time and they ask for stuff that most people wouldn't do in most cases. If i can even go further, there are some men who are drawn towards pregnant women for sex than those who are not. According to the men that's when it is more enjoyable. I would go deeper with this but i don't think this is the right platform. Anyway i know there are women who cannot even stand the sight of their better halves when they are pregnant. This is not because they don't love their husbands but you can blame it on the pregnancy and the raging hormones. Sometimes i wonder why hormones would make one dislike their spouses that is something am yet to unfold and know the reason behind it. There are those who will expect their spouses to be there at all times. They will demand a lot of time from their men because that is what the body wants. In rare cases you will find women even begging for sex all the time, that's when the men start wishing they had a job outside town so that they can rest hahaha its funny but serious at the same time.
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You have the point, yes its true hormonal changes are different in every women. I, experienced the same, my hormones demanded and expect my husband will be there to assist me with our little one.
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Your expressions are valid and we'll understood,  though the body chemistry differs from one woman to another, there are some women that don't like sex at all especially at their second and third trimester. 
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Some women are just as active during pregnancy, perhaps they may even feel increased desire but I think it varies from person to person. I know that when I was pregnant I had a lot of problems with bleeding so I avoided it on the advice of my doctor during the early months,

For a man it can be a very exciting time watching his child grow inside his wife or partner and he may find her changing shape attractive which will increase his desire to make love.Towards the end it may become too uncomfortable for her to have sex, she may have little aches and pains with the increasing weight or have trouble sleeping so her desire may decrease. 

With a problem free pregnancy many couples continue to have a happy sex life but it does depend on the woman's general health throughout those months.
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I know a friend who is active when she was pregnant but after had a baby, her hormones changes a lot and depleted.

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