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My family serves as my motivation for waking up every day. Every goal and vision I have is focused primarily on my family. What I dreamed of attaining and plan of achieving is mostly because of them. 

I am aware that my family is dependent on me and they take their strength from me being the wife and the mother. This is the reason why I always make sure to be both physically and emotionally strong to be able to give them the things they need. Because of them, I am motivated to wake up every day.

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Being the bread winner for my nucleus and extended family serve the major motivation for me to be up and about early morning everyday. I have come to the realization that if I choose to fail to meet my responsibilities as a man, it will be gravely detrimental to not only me but my household as a whole.

Additionally, I am the type of person that is number one upholder of the irrefutable ideology that there is 'dignity in labour'. As a purpose driven somebody, it won't be out of place for me to wake up early everyday to go about the pursuit of goals in life. I also share in the personal assertion that states; go get your bread or eat your flesh.
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My loans, my debts, my family and my dreams. Those are the things are the reason why I keep on waking up even though I have flu or feeling sick. I need to work hard and smart. 
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What motivates me is my plans and goals in life. I have to wake up and work for a brighter future.
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My children, they are my everything and without them, i would just be me forever.
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My dreams for my family motivates me everyday to wake up in the morning. I need to please God too so He would give what my dreams in life are. I need to be strong and positive for my dreams to come true

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I have legal custody of my 11 year old granddaughter and she motivates me to get up every day. Before I retired it was work as I needed the money and although I wouldn't say I jumped eagerly out of bed I always got up on time.

I am one of these annoying morning people who doesn't need an alarm because my body clock will wake me up. I think I can honestly say I have never overslept more than 15 minutes and was never late for work. Now I get up to see my granddaughter off to school.
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My goals and my targets in life motivates me to wake up every morning and get to work.I am an athlete and my target is to reduce the number of seconds to finish a one hundred meters and two hundred meters race in any given challenge. This always motivates me to wake up every morning to go and exercise just to meet my targets.
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My goals motivate me to wake up very early each day.I usually set goals on a weekly basis and if I don't accomplish them, then it means my workload will be increased and this will drag me backwards.Whenever am busy ,I always stick to my schedule but currently am not that busy.Usually by the end of the week, I always analyse my work and see whether I made it or not.
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I am a pretty optimistic person so every morning I wake up motivated by almost anything. Even that little cup of coffee I drink in the morning. I enjoy so much that moment that it makes me get up as soon as my alarm rings. And of course, when my coffee is not enough, I push myself to think of something exciting to do that day. Even if it's just a walk in the park or a large amount of work. 
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There has to be that one thing that will make you wake up. Something that will probably bring some kind of change in your life. Coffee really is just an energy booster for me, my drive for a successful fulfilling life is what motivates me to wake up everyday. Anyway am not judging anyone we all have reasons for doing certain things in life.
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For waking up everyday, no motivation is required. Your inner clock or the biological clock should work properly. For me, my inner clock works very fine. While going to bed at night, you have to decide in your mind to wake at a certain stated fixed time. It works. In other words, you should be awake even when you sleep. 
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The fact that I realize I'm awake on earth everyday motivates me because I know some people didn't make it up. They must have had goals for the day. When I'm up, I do everything I set out to do and I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Everyday I try to make at least one person smile. Seeing smiles on people's faces makes me want to get up and do more. Even if it is just a smile, it makes the world a better place. 
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I agree with you, actually seeing another day is not a privilege but by God's mercy if he did not have mercy on us we would not see another day. What you have said is very true. They say when you wake up in the morning and see that you are breathing, you can smell, see hear and touch that's the blessing of God.

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