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Trying to build up one's physique or muscles can be daunting if one continue to eat food that work in the opposite direction instead of building up it helps in tearing  down and as such one should be very careful of the diets taken daily.

Foods one should concentrate on while trying to build up the body are:



Lean animal

Fruits ,nuts and fiber

Food not good and should be avoided are

Refined grains to avoid gaining fat instead of muscles

Foods with too much sugar like all baked goods,these  are  mere calories no nutritional value to build the body.

Processed meat: This contain so much sodium which doesn't help in body building.

Foods high in saturated fats like butter,margarine,Bacon etc.These can cause heart diseases which isn't good for body building.
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Bodybuilding requires the eating of nothing but balanced diet. That is a diet that contains all the six classes of food in it. Whoever that is interested in increasing the muscular fibre of his body must ensure that he goes for diet that are rich in these six classes of food. Because for there to be noticeable results in the muscle building there must be equivalent supply of the necessary ingredients for this to happen. You can opt for foods that are highly nutritive like eggs, beans, chicken, milk etc, as proteinous foods. As for carbohydrate you should go for cereals, potatoes, yam, brown rice,etc. Fats and oil are also needed such as monosaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are recommended. Additionally, your daily diets should be riched in vegetables and fruits of all sorts.

Basically, those foods that you should abstain from as a body builder are those foods that are processed. Processed foods like, white bread, white rice, fried meat or chicken or eggs, surgery drinks like carbonated, soda, flavored drinks. The list goes on and on for the type of food you shouldn't consume as you aim to build your muscles.

Drink plenty of water regularly instead of bottled or canned drinks as it is also needed for muscle building.

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