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Going to bed immediately after food will increase the level of acid in the stomach since digestion hasn't been allowed. The acid in the stomach will trigger heart burns in the chest especially. This acid in the stomach will move up towards the throat and might cause some burning sensation.

Also it might cause an increase in the blood sugar and cholesterol level in the body. This can lead to increase the reflux diseases. As a result, this can trigger stroke.

Finally, you might gain some unnecessary weight.This is because you've not allowed digestion to take place hence there's high accumulation of fats.

The more time you delay from going to bed the less risks there are, for example, stroke.
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Basically, you will gain weight once you sleep after eating food. Our digestion requires us to be awake while it is happening. If you sleep right after eating, your brain will signals your digestive system to cancel digestion, that leads to storing the food instead of burning it and putting everything in your belly as belly fats. We even should not take a nap because the same thing happen. The right thing to do is to stand up for a moment, 15 minutes would be okay, do not make such big movements like running or moving quickly. A walk inside the house will do but avoid rushing. Let your digestion happen first before sleeping. You should sleep after an hour after eating. It also causes some acid to get up on your throat instead of this acid could be melting the foods that we eat if we sleep immediately.
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Health experts are of the views that we shouldn't sleep immediately after food,they asserted that the body needs to still be upright about 2 hours before keeping it down to help in a smooth digestion process. So disobeying this will lead to the following disadvantages:

Gaining weight: No burning of calories after eating leads to storing of calories which means weight gain.
Indigestion: lack of sitting alright after meal will lead to indigestion.

Chest burns: one will experience burning sensation that might bring about heartburn and making one very uncomfortable.

Upset of the stomach: I have experience this myself I couldn't sleep after a while, my stomach was so heavy and at the same time I was purging .it better to rest and take a break after eating than sleeping immediately on the bed.
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First of all, no matter how tempting it is to lay down and rest after having a meal, we should always resist! According to an article written by Brynne Chandler, sleeping right after meal makes it hard for our body to digest the last meal, especially if one has eaten too much. He emphasized that this may lead to problems ranging from indigestion to a possible risk of stroke.

Now if we are going to relate this to weight gain, I would like to point you to an article written by Frank Apodaca. He mentioned that the time of eating is not the ultimate culprit rather the kind of food we eat. This is further supported by another article, written by Juliette Steen, quoting dietitian Robert Clark that nighttime metabolic rate averages the same as during the day. Hence, if in case you are referring to a having a snack on top of the dinner, if for instance you are staying up late and you decided to grab a bag of chips, this will definitely increase you caloric intake, which will then result to weight gain.

So how long should we have to wait before going to bed? Apodaca recommends that we should stay up for at least two to four hours to give our body enough time to digest the food.

In case you want to read the articles mentioned, here are the details you may use to search for them:

Brynne Chandler - The Disadvantages of Sleeping Immediately After a Meal

Frank Apodaca - Is it Bad to Sleep After Eating?

Juliette Steen - Is Eating Before You Sleep Bad?
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There lot of disadvantages associated with going to bed immediately after eating. Both nutritionally and healthwise, it is not ideal. What's expected of a person that has just finished eating is to wait for some minutes  before going to bed. By doing so gives him/her the chance for the food to be digested eventhough the absorption of the food has yet to happen.

Anytime food is eaten such food needs to be broken down into absorbable bits that can readily be assimilated by the body. Once the food is digested in the stomach, it is moved to small intestine for it to be absorbed into the blood stream for onward assimilation by the cells.

However, if food eaten is not allowed to properly digest before going to bed, it becomes difficult for the food to undergo the above processes which could lead to so many health related problems such discomfort caused by bloatedness that will make him/her not sleep well. Proneness to overweight becomes inevitable since the food was not allowed to digest properly before going to bed.

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