The hardest lesson you learnt in life that changed your perception. 
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Perception of each individual varies. People understand things only from their life experience and cultural background. So correcting individual is not an easy task. It needs better study. In short prayer is the only solution for clarifying or mitigating confusions.
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When you fail, if you could not be able to follow your dreams than you are weak person, if you set exact goals again and keep going than you are a person who curious in your life path and this concept the best notion I have ever learnt.
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the hardest lesson that I learned in my life is we should never believe anyone and we should never trust anyone and we should never share our personals with anyone either it is any relationship like wife or husband or any other relationship unless and until we get to know about them clearly and we understand their mentality fully.
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Pandemic taught me so many things in life and I've realized it lately. True happiness in life is not just about what you want to have, but also the things and people you already have. Cherish those times with family because you can only have one mom and dad by your side who truly loves you more than you love yourself
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 don't give a lot of  feelings to someone if he doesn't feel to you

Work hard and don't listen to anyone who gives you negative words
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Life taught me to stand strong and alone, no one is going to take a stand for you no matter if he is your boyfriend or she is your best friend. Once their priorities change, your place in their life will also change.
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