Best BBQ Store in California,USA
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Barbecue is a pretty broad topic. Not only are there dozens of American regional barbecues, there many more International varieties. I can’t think of any cuisine that doesn’t roast meat over an open flame. It’s the first and best way to cook meat.

Since it would be impossible to select one as being the best, I’ll share a some of my favorites.

Hawaiian barbecue revolves around Huli Huli chicken. Half chickens basted with a mixture of ginger, garlic, sugar, soy sauce and chili are roasted over hot coals to make Huli Huli chicken. Full of pan-Asian and Polynesian flavors, Hawaiian barbecue also includes whole hogs, beef short ribs and smoked fish.

And lastly korean barbecue

Though more akin to grilling, Korean barbecue deserves an honorable mention, in my opinion. Cooked by the diners at their table, Korean barbecue utilizes thinly sliced fatty pieces of beef and pork. Served with a variety of sweet, salty and sour side dishes, called banchan, Korean barbecue is a fun way to dine with a group of friends.
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