What are the challenges of field force management?
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Challenges with managing field force: some business requires field force automation and you need a tool to effectively manage, analyze and improve sales.
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For me the challenges of being a force management in the field is when you incounter a person where she/he are always right not to listening from what you are trying to explained 
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Challenge no 1: Lack of control over the field service technicians. ...

Challenge no 2: Need for centralized point of operations. ...

Challenge no 3: Complex asset tracking. ...

Challenge no 4: Needless documentation.
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The major challenges of managing field force are

Scheduling Conflict

Miscommunication between sales team and managers

Route Planning

Task Allocation

Real Time Location Tracking
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The challenge is to closely monitor the sales in the field. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. The best thing is to have regular meetings and the members of the sales need to give their feedback.
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