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I don't think so if they are still exist, but we never know until someone can discover or they will just come out to do destruction at human world.

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I don't think there is. For one, like any other forms of organisms, they, too, must have undergone evolution, which may cause changes into their form.

Another thing is that, there have been explorations to get a view of how the bottom of the deepest trenches look like, and to see whether animals can still survive.

If I am not mistaken, this has led to the discovery of hydrothermal vents, which allow chemosynthesis to take place that in turn provides for the food needed by marine animals to survive. So yes, there are animals living deep down the ocean, with total absence of light but not the Jurassic kind. They are rather big and small fishes, whose appearances are far from what we have always observed, mainly due to the various adaptations that they have undergone.

If you have another ideas or readings you may want to point us to, I would love to read them and converse with you further about this.

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Yes, it is. As one of those who really loves mystery and science I really do research about it and as I do a lot and further research I can say that there are still unidentified animals beneath the water. We all know that Mariana Trench is the deepest known point in the world's ocean and I believe by exploring it we can learn more about the sea creature and undiscovered new sea creature. Many footages and images are spreading on the internet showing that there are still underworld animals living in the deepest of the sea like the megalodon which is considered as the biggest fish monster in the world. There are a few video footage that proves that it is still alive and lurking in the deepest sea. Now that megalodon is still alive, I believe that there are still undiscovered big and monstrous animals living in the oceans.
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I highly doubt any of the large animals from the cretaceous or Jurassic period are still living in modern day. Most of the regions where they were scattered around got affected by natural causes which led to them dying off some 65 million years ago. Those that didn't die from the impact of the meteor or asteroid that hit the earth at that time, probably died during the after effect which were highly toxic weather caused by series of earthly movements and disasters, lack of food and also the ice age that followed later. During this period, It is believed that over 90% of animal species died.

However, your question is referring to those specific large animals that lived in the ocean. Okay, here's a simple illustration. Birds eat fish just like seals eat fish too. Whales and sharks then eat seals, what do you think eats whales and sharks then? Large Jurassic water animals like the Mesasaurus and Megladon eats whales and sharks. But since we're not seeing a diminishing sign in the numbers of whales and sharks which will suggest that they've gone down the predator scale, then there's no possibility of the existence of jurrasic water animals in today's waters. Am not sure what led to their extinction, but am sure they suffered the same faith as the dinosaurs and other animals that have gone extinct over millions of years.

But there's one consolidation for the hopes of your question. We still have one very popular water animal from the cretaseous period living till date. The crocodile. Even though it's brain is the size of a golf ball, it's shown resilience than any large animal that has ever lived on earth. Thumbs up for the croc.

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