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All hosting companies allow you to register your domain name through their hosting services. However, if you already have a website that is hosted through another hosting company and wants to move the site you have a few options. You can either keep paying your domain name through the first hosting company or you can work out a deal with the new hosting company to pay through them. No matter what, your domain name has to be paid each year to keep it active. 

I do believe that Wordpress will sell you the hosting service and domain name through their site. If you don't renew your domain name through WordPress they will switch your account back to a site again. However, if you decide to get off this platform it would be best to move all this to a new hosting company. There you can buy your years hosting service and domain name through them. It is better to keep them in the same place and easier to control. 

Many people who are unhappy with their hosting service will complete the year's contract and then move it over to a new hosting service. They want to keep their domain name so they renew the name through the new hosting service. I am planning on doing this in January because the service I originally signed up with is very limited and I want more from the hosting service for the website. At this time I think if I sign up with a new company they will offer the first year of the domain name for free as long as I pay for a year of their hosting services. After that year I will need to renew my domain name through their service which is a good deal. 
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Almost every web hosting company also offers services on domain name hosting. It's not necessary that you use the same company for both web and domain host, but from my personal experience, I'll advice you choose the same company for both as it will save you a lot.

Some people choose to purchase a domain from one host then transfer the domain name to their web host account. In my opinion, it's just an added stress to the effort of working with multiple hosts. And besides, most web hosting companies usually offer a free or discounted price on a domain if you choose to host your web with them. It's the best decision to make because using the same host as said will save you money and the stress of dealing with multiple hosts.

There's also the issue of technicality and reliability when it comes to hosting. Sometimes one of your hosts servers might be down if you choose to host your domain and web seperately, making it difficult to reach your website even if the other host servers are up. Dealing with one host on the other hand will definitely avail you from such situations, at least you'd be certain of where any problem is coming from.

The above mentioned are probably the most important factors to look into when deciding to host your web and domain with one or seperate hosts.
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