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Help me to find the best native American sweat lodge in California or New Jersey. Is there any website to find this? If so, please add a link in your answer.

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A true Native American Sweat Lodge won't accept outsiders to the sweat lodge ceremony. They are held for only Native Americans. It has happened that an outsider has been invited to a sweat lodge ceremony, but this takes a lot of introduction in order to participate in a true Native American sweat lodge ceremony. They do have some sweat lodges that you can go to in Joshua Tree Retreat Center. You'll need to make a reservation to book a ceremony. You can either email them at *Emails are not allowed* or call them at 1-858-220-0141. Other than this they are closed to the public in this area or you'll end up in one of the fake ones that they have in California. All the ones on the reservation are not open to the public and they don't invite people to attend these ceremonies. 

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