I have my own blog and mobile application, and I would like to monetize it. How can I promote it in a short period of time?
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Try Medium and Pocket.

Medium is a blog sharing site with more than 100 million users. Posting your blogs there would open up your website to thousands of visitors. However, make sure your blogs meet their requirement. If they do, they would start recommending your blog through their well-crafted algorithm. Also, choose your tags carefully so you don't miss out on users opportunities because many users love to follow tags. 

Pocket is also a great option because it function as a social bookmarking site where users can save blogs, videos, or other materials online. 

If people read your blogs, they can click a Pocket button to save, which is a great way to generate continuous traffic to your blogs. 

These two options are free. 

While they offer better results on the medium to long-term use, one month isn't a no-try either because 30 days can bring a lot of positive change, especially if you have good contents that will draw the eyes of users. 

That said, if you still insist on something even more promising, I advice that you go for paid Google ad running plans. Running Google Ads like Pay per Clicks in a month will put your website and blogs painting front pages of related topics on the web, social medias, etc, and skyrocket your brand awareness. It will cost you, but you will definitely see the results.
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