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After I graduated college, I was keenly looking for a company that will allow me to work even without proper work experienced, but some company are very strict when it comes to knowledge and skills which not very good to look for a job. So, most company nowadays will hire people with confidence and ability to eager to learn and adapt what the company needed you to do.

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Employees look for skill sets they need for their job requirements in college graduates along with their entire course curiculam. Unfortunately, In India, educational courses is quite outdated and not as per latest industry requirements. This is the prime reason of huge unemployment in India.

Govt. of India knows this and accordingly launched a scheme known as NEEM Scheme - A on the job training program with stipends to enhance their employability and after completion of training program, either training providing company will hire them on full time basis or other related company too can hire them because they became skilled manpower in that field.

NEEM Stands for National Employability Enhancement Mission. In this scheme, neem agent formulate on the job training program in consultation with concerned companies for their current and future skill set requirements, pick interested neem trainees for same and provide them on the job training in any related company. They also provide stipends and other benefits as per industry standard.

This scheme is a win-win solution for both unskilled youth and companies alike as they get skilled manpower exactly as per their requirements.

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Exactly! You must bring something to the table before you would expect to be hired by any company.

You are absolutely not expecting to be hired and paid for not doing anything. 
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Employers want to be sure that what they are accepting a future employee that will be given an instruction and will easy to understand, that it completed a years in school that could be use basically at work like using the computer, the programs at computer, using the internet. If they are college graduate they will have less supervision on the basic tool in the office and anywhere else. To be honest, it sounds very judgemental, yet some of the company do not require college graduate but they require specific experience and skills though. It depends on what they really want to look for a future employee. Depends on what is needed in the job requirements. They just need to be college graduate for a specific skills for less supervisions.
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Basically, employers are mainly interested in the ability of fresh college graduates to adapt to the new environment they've been introduced to. Apart from the skill sets that are expected of them, but there is high expectations from them to be able to fit into the scheme of things they are not used to.

That's where adaptative skills become paramount to the usual skill sets. Obviously, they might have the needed skill sets but if they are unable to adapt to the company's modes of operation, it would be up for nothing as they might be perceived as misfits. However, these fresh graduates must prove how they can add value to the company within the shortest possible time.

Once these employers find such adaptable fresh graduates, they see them as assets rather than liability, because they are aware they can make the best out of the opportunity given to them in their various job descriptions.
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That is true, most employers will look for someone who is willing to learn and who are good background from other employers.
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With my own understanding, I think there are a lot of expectations from employers which actually involve include real basic labour. There are three level of labour, highly. Skilled labour, moderately skilled labour and unskilled labour. The skilled labour involved the class of employee who have gone through high level of education, the next after it is moderately skilled labour, which actually involve class of people who have not attain the moderately education level; like people who have Diploma and college of Education certificate. And finally is the unskilled personel, who don't even have the moderate education, just like college graduate.

So, since the college fall under the unskilled labour level the employer is always looking for people who are physically fit, smart and ready to learn individuals.
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Securing a good paying job is among the top priorities of any university graduate all over the world today. When you look at the labor market today, you will keep asking and also be wondering if the graduated students are actually getting any kind of work because over the years now, there have been so many unemployed graduate youths. What is actually causing all this problem of the almost all the youths being unemployed? Is it that there aren't much companies or establishment that can employ them or that they don't have anything to offer to their employer?

Anyways, when it comes to what companies and establishment look for in fresh universities graduates is the potential to deliver when being hired. They always look for graduates that would offer value to their business.
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Most of the times, your side skills from what you read in the university is what they may be looking at when they want to employ you. Questions such as whether you have managed any business no matter how little is essential as well. Being able to answer such questions on the business that you have handled is important as well. Also, we all know that there is need for us to have some computer skills such as data processing, Microsoft PowerPoint and how to run some data analysis, supposing it is a company that deals on that.

Having knowledge of those skills will really help one to have the upper hand when they are looking for work. While I understand that there are other factors such as age and how you are able to handle pressures can surface, I feel that you have an edge when you have some necessary skills.

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