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If you do not like yoga or if you don't understand yoga or if you have no time for yoga, it does not mean that everything is lost in life. There are a number of physical exercises that you can very well start doing at your own convenient time. The most talked about such physical exercise is walking and jogging.

Walking and jogging are said to be the best form of physical exercise. I have personally seen many doctors recommending the same to their patients. When we say walking and jogging, you can go for it at your own convenient time either in the morning or in the evening, even though the morning, that too early morning is said to be the best. And the best part of going for a walk or jogging is you can go for it either in your neighborhood or in a nearby park.
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First, what are you wanting to do? Why are talking about Yoga? Do someone said you need to do a Yoga? Yoga is an exercise that helps you to have the right breathing that includes stretching. I enrolled in Yoga class before and our teacher explain what we will achiever. Yoga help us to have right deep breathing, while stretching. It will calms our mind and even our soul. We just need to be in a quiet place, with mat and of course, prepare ourselves to do some exercises. I was stressed before that I enrolled in this class to help myself. Exercise or cardio exercise helps me to burn my fats but it doesn't help my brain to stop thinking about a  lot of things. I realized that doing Yoga, it means I love to help myself to survive all the pressure that life throws at me. I can do it alone and I need something that will help me to live a day and survive a day out of all the tension in my body. I was never wrong, in fact, choosing Yoga is beneficial. Right now, I ended the class because it was last year and depend on Yoga techniques that I watched at YouTube. I became innovative with all the exercises and loving it. I
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Yoga is not the be all and end all of exercise. Yoga is a cardio vascular exercise, which can be done in other forms. Brisk walking is a good way to start, don't start with four kilometers a day, try to walk as much you can and slowly increase the distance. If you force yourself from the word go you may give up on it in no time. Jogging is also wonderful, but make sure that your doctor approves of it if you have any health issues.
Learn breathing exercises which are good for your lungs and one of the benefits of Yoga. There are many good videos on youtube to help you with it. Learn to relax , take deep breaths and let out stress. Taking deep breaths helps you calm down when you are tense, One of the benefits of doing yoga is to reduce stress.

Try meditation, take a scripture from your holy books which grabs your attention and keep thinking about it, reciting it, expounding on it all help. However, this is primarily a mental exercise..

Doing all these will help you reap all the benefits of yoga.

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