I so much care for my son and I keep checking on him to avoid the unexpected especially with exposure to social media. He gets furious and slams the door whenever I get into his room to check on him,16 years old boy. Am I doing something wrong to check on him? Parents let's share ideas please.
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The best thing you can do is respect your child's privacy, you are right to worry but you are wrong to invade their space. The most advisable thing is communication, you can talk to him about your concerns. Depending on what he tells you, you will know if you are right or wrong.
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It depends with how you treating him . He's a teenager and as such you need to talk with him about the concerns you have for him . And try as much as possible to be his friend you will share so much with him .
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Yes. You are doing the right thing. With respect to anyone's room, it is correct that you knock first before you come in or open the door. As a parent, you are only checking on him from time to time to make sure he is safe in his room. Especially now in the modern days, you can never tell what is going on each day.
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Well, it is the most logical thing, it could be that your son is getting dressed or doing something that could be embarrassing for both of youm even if he does not answer after knocking on the door, you have to go in anyway
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I think yes 

He have a private life 

I think he is big now he is responsible he do what he wants

It's a respect if you do that
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It is not cool to check the child from time to time. It is not also good not to knock on his room door before entering. They need to have their own privacy.
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You should knock on is door first even if he is a minor, as this is how  you teach him to respect privacy. Remember you have to teach your children values and principles so that when they have their family teach their  children what they learned from their parents. 
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My advice is to start cutting back on the control-freak addiction. In two years he will be 18, leaving your house (probably flipping you off on the way out), and you will be going 'cold turkey'. Better to ween yourself off slowly, beginning now, than an abrupt shock to the system later. It sounds like not only do you want to barge in at will, but don't even allow him a lock on the door. Better hope he can endure your antics another couple years, or you may end up with a runaway.
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Yes. Well, in my personal thoughts, it is better to knock and ask for a permission to your child when you want to enter their room. Respect is the best choice to showcase positive behavior to people, your child specifically. But, if you're suspicious that something is going wrong, I bet checking him unconsciously would be okay to avoid any inappropriate doings that might lead to unideal situation.
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Yes please. The adolescent phase requires privacy. He may see you coming into his room without permission as an invasion of his space. He may then act out
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Communication builds a strong bond when done the right way take some time to learn your son, find something both of you can do that you will both enjoy,be it cooking together or any hobby, that would spark some bonding time and would allow you to talk with him, understand him more and give you an indication of how you can check on him regularly without having to have the door slamed on you. In the mean time,give him some privacy,it not easy but you can do it
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Sure you must knock on the door wait for response then you enter. It courtesy, people I really want their personal space and do not want others to invade their privacy irrespective of the age.
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