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Marriage is an institution of faith and love, a lifelong endless journey of promise that the couple will be there for each other through thick and thin. There are many factors that one has to consider or give a thought about before getting married :

1. Be it love or arranged marriage, ask yourself if this is person you really want to spend your entire life with. There is nothing wrong with this self-doubt. It is a major step. It should not be a compromise your relationship should begin on

2. Ask yourself how you can tolerate the differences between you and your spouse, since as a couple both of them have varying likes and dislikes.

3. Try being selfless with the person you love. After all love knows no boundaries , ego or jealousy.

4. Talk and share about anything and everything you want each other to know. That is how trust builds and buds the relationship
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Marriage is a life-long commitment; hence, it should not be taken lightly. The most important thing to consider is your readiness--be it financially or emotionally. And this readiness not only pertains to you but also to your partner. Both of you should reflect whether you are mature and stable enough to keep this commitment; otherwise, you might end up regretting your decision.

Another thing to consider is your priorities. Being married means prioritizing your family, and when we prioritize things, you may find that there are things that you really need to give up. This often poses problems to couple, as misunderstandings do occur when one makes a huge decision say about career. For instance, you may be offered to work to a foreign country but have to give up the opportunity because this means being physically away from your family.

Moreover, you also need to think about how much you are emotionally mature. When couples build their own home, this is where they get to know each other further. Even though you have been together for the longest time, the impact of marriage is still very different. The quirks and the habits that you find adorable before may irritate you in the long run, because you tend to expect something differently. Hence, it is important to have the patience, love, respect and understanding to get past the both the petty and the serious matters that may cause your marriage to fall apart.

If you don't think you're will not be able to do these, then think things over and talk with your partner about this.
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Two marriages can never be same and as such do what really works for you.What works for MrA might work against for Mr B.But all the same there are things you need to finalise with your husband before saying I do to him or her.

Money: This is one area you both must perfectly look into. Who contribute what and do you both run joint or single account.

Consider the number of kids you need and plan it out

Consider religion affiliation: Are you comfortable with each other beliefs.Can you attend his or her church.Are you comfortable with the God your partner worships.

Are you people in love,are compatible, have mutual feeling for one another, understand and really cared for one another.

Would you be able to tolerate your partner excesses.
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Marriage is a serious devotion. You need to be completely sane and sure that you are ready for that to enter into it. Emotionally fininancially and Psychologically. You need to be sure that you and your partner are mature and compatible enough to make a home.
You need to bear in mind  the fact that it isn't going to be rosy always. The trying times when you feel like you can't go on will come. You should be prepared to make it through together by supporting each other.
You'll be making some sacrifices in the longrun. Sometgings you'll have to give up for the one you love. You'll be making a lot of changes and adjustments to your life because you'll no longer be single but two in one and every decision you make will ultimately affect the both of you.
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There are so many key things that must be taking into consideration before one should decide to get married. Marriage is an institution and thus it should be treated with utmost carefulness and maturity. Marriage shouldn't be a thing embarked on by those that don't have the needed prerequisite knowledge on how things are to be done within the family unit. That's where most people often get it wrong, they venture into marriage without having adequate insight on how to make the marriage work. And if this happens, they are caught unaware and before you know it divorce becomes an alternative.

In addition, the couple must first ascertain whether they are compartible to live together, because it takes two to tangle. Couples shouldn't be strange bed fellows.. They must examine peculiar areas of their lives such as their level of maturity and understanding because the love might be there if these things are missing the marriage might suffer.

Lastly, they must be willing to sacrifice for each other when need be. And they must compromise to make sure their various needs are met without one feeling unhappy due to selfish desire from his/her significant half.

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