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Getting married is something that should be taken very seriously. If you are very sure that you are not ready to be absolutely committed to one man or woman, it's better not to get married in the first place. 
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I agree with you,any one with marriage phobia shouldn't just dabble into it and start giving better to be alone than damage another life.

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Yes, it very good for everyone to get married and pray to also reproduce too.  Marriage is very important because it reduces the level of extra marital affairs that are being committed every day.
When you get married you will have focus in your life as you will have a partner to always share ideas with and you tend to be more responsible and accountable in your activities.

The satistics available currently available about the population ratio of men to women may prevent lots of women to get married,  they rather get pregnant out side Wed luck and become a single mum because there are more women than men and some religions and cultures don't permit a man to marry more than one wife.
The religion that permits that gives the opportunities to all woman to try and get married so that they can be more focused,  responsible and free of sin of fornication.
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Well,if everyone get married the better for the society because I think married life comes with it's own responsibility making people to be more responsible.
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Well, it depends on the personality of the person who got married.

I have seen so many people who are still very irresponsible when they are married. 
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Then that's a very sad one, because such a person will heap so much load on the other partner that's like the worse having an irresponsible person as a partner.
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Off course there are bad eggs amongst the married couple but larger percentage that truly married their partners are more responsible. 
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I agree with you,married partners are more responsible and I just think whoever is not ready to be responsible should please just skip marriage.
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Well in my opinion, under normal circumstances everyone is supposed to get married because it's something that have been with us from our past forefathers down to us now. Even then, our forefathers used to be very polygamous with marrying more than one wife but from three wives upwards.
But the issue and truth of the matter is that we are in the modern generation with Christian religion being very influential in making one man to marry and stick with one woman unlike our forefathers. It's very good to get married but what's very important is to make sure that you marry the right person for you because you will live a longer and happy life when you are married to your partner.
But marriage is not to be made a must because it's a personal decision.
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Yea,getting married is just like taking every other decision in our life it should be a personal decision so that we can be passionate about the decision.
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Obviously, it is not everybody that can get married. There are those people that are not cut out for marriage. Marriage is not an easy thing as most usually take it to be. With marriage comes so many responsibilities and commitment, and many people are afraid of not the responsibility aspect of it but the commitment.
However, as for those that feel they can make the commitment, they can get married. But not the kind of commitment that is not fully instituted because with this, there is bound to be all kinds of threats that might likely render the marriage uninteresting which could lead to divorce. Commitment in the sense one is willing to make sacrifices and compromise if the need be.
Additionally, the couples must be selfless, willing to tolerate and have understanding of each others needs.
But as for those that think they cannot give 100% of everything they have, it is better to remain unmarried than to be in a marriage whereby they are enduring instead of enjoying the marriage.
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I have a friend that can't stand the word marriage let alone trying to get into one.i think the best bet is remaining unmarried than punishing the other partner.
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Marriage is a good thing and it is very important both socially and even religiously. It shows legal binding between two people. That how it's been from time immemorial and it is still the trend because it makes perfect sense.
Unfortunately though, some people think otherwise. They feel like marriages are just boundaries and restrictions. As such they do not get married at all. Some of them cannot just  stay committed to one person  hence they prefer to stay free and unmarried.

Others get married but the life and joy they want isn't there. They just it because society demands it. Such people are better off unmarried. I'd say that in order no to have a dysfunctional home, people who are not cut out for marriage should away.
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Yea,no need punishing either one partner or children if one is never going to be in the marriage and be committed to it.Some people just want to be married but still living single.
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I am always of the opinion that getting married is a matter of choice for those that fancy that. One thing is that there are a lot of things that we can say that they are better than trying to get a partner and one of them is self development.

You will agree with me that no matter how much we think that we are handsome and beautiful, if we ain't developing ourselves in a way or another, then there is no need to have hopes of a great marriage. No one will want to get married to someone that will turn out to be a liability and this is one of those reasons we should push to have some personal improvement since this is one way to marry the right person.

Another thing is we need understanding before we get into marriage. Finding a partner is not always based on love and this is one thing many have not gotten to understand yet.
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Sure,getting married is a person decision and as such one should think hard and deep before committing to a relationship and eventually getting married.

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