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It all depends on a person's interests and attitudes in and about life. You decide.

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Marriage is important in building a good family. Marriage is not based on the papers that you and your wife signed on. It is not just a piece of paper that I have been hearing from separated couples, but this is more of an agreement between the two, the union of their hearts and a matrimonial ceremony based upon the will of God.
If the couple are executing premarital sex, then marriage should be there. if they do not want marriage, sex should not be there too.
Marriage is not just following the cultural norms, but it is under the law that protects your soon to be kids. It is important if you love your woman and wanting to put your relationship to the next level, with the proper grace from the parents, society and from the Lord most especially..
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I think marriage is important. It an act that shows legal binding and commitment between two people who love each other. This is why from time immemorial, irrespective of culture and tradition, there's always a form of binding between two individuals.

I understand that there are some people who do not see the sense in getting hooked with one person for life. They believe it is a scam from ancient times as a form of control. I cannot judge such people.

I know marriage is important. Especially in this world we live in which works in already established order. Having children out of wedlock is viewed as something not so nice. Even greatly frowned upon in some societies. However, within marriage, there's a certain protection of interest, respect etc for you and your entire family.

There are also certain positions in society especially that of politics and public that you may never attain as an unmarried person. In the end, it still remains a choice.
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First it depends on you as a person and your view on marriage. The main purpose of marriage is procreation and companionship. If you're not interested in these two, then I don't see the essence of being married. But then, its always fun having a creature which resembles you (kids). Kids always make families happy and complete and in fact they give you the morale of working harder each day since you wouldn't want your kids to suffer.

Even if you don't want to marry or get married, how will your life be like, whose going to take care of you when you grow old? Definitely, without marriage your life will be miserable and totally empty. As a conclusion, I'll say marriage is important and it is a command from God as kids are blessings to the marriage.
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Personally I believe marriage is important but the bible view point is a bit relax on says one can be married or stay unmarried and do the things of God but the most important thing is staying pure if one decides to be a nun,which I see nothing wrong with it.

No need staying unmarried and living in sin of formication in that case it better one get married than offending one's body and God.Marrisge is a godly institution and as such anyone getting into should take it as something very important.

Marriage is important because it comes with God's blessings and the marriage will be blessed and fruitful. Marriage helps one have kids within the confides of marriage and the kids will be recognized and being married bring oneness to the home.
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I think it's nice for any children that may be born to a couple because then all parties have the same name. I know some children who have a different name to their mother because they were registered in the name of the father and then the relationship broke up.

In the UK after a couple have been together 3 years the woman becomes a common law wife anyway and if they truly love each other and want to stay together a piece of paper won't make much difference, it's entirely up to the couple and how they feel about marriage. My daughter got married in August this year after living with her husband for several years and I couldn't be happier but if they had wanted to keep it the way it was I would have been fine about it. I just want her to be happy.

Also, even a registry office is very expensive these days. Some couples may not be able to afford it or perhaps they would rather spend the money on something they feel is more important. I think it's nice to be married but not essential and the one big plus about just living together is there are no messy divorce proceedings if the relationship fails.
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If I have someone and he is really important to me, like I cannot live without him anymore, I think it is important to get married. It is important that I have him for forever and start a family with him. It is important that our relationship will move on to the next level. Unfortunately, I never have a relationship. That is why my answer depends on what is really happening on me. I think I will be spending my time with my family, not my own family. Marriage is only for those who are into relationship and wants it to grow to the next level. Marriage are deserved by people who are loving each other and wants to spend time forever. Marriage is a vow. If you are building a family, marriage is important. You are like promising to God that you are in the hands of a person who truly deserves you.
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Looking at the subject from biblical perspective, marriage is both important and unimportant. Because the record we have about marriage in the bible is that there were those that got married and there also those didn't get married. The like of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ didn't get married but led a fulfilled life in accordance to his mission of coming to earth. And he wasn't the only one that didn't get married. The likes of apostle Paul and the other disciples didn't get married too.

On the other side of the divide, the bible talked about 'he who finds a wife, finds a good thing' and 'a man must leave his father and mother to become one with his wife'. On this account, the bible was very categorical about married.
On a final note, it's not important for a man or woman to get married. If you know that you can't live a life of singleness, you can go into married and if you know you can be a good husband or wife and you are not cool with the singlehood, you can get married.
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If you wanted to build a family, marriage is really important. Don't settle down if you don't want to get married. This will be cause of the problem later on like your children's paperworks. Think about the future of your kids, do you want them to get married too or not? The family is a cycle that you cannot break because if you break, you will be the last person on earth. Well, what I am trying to say is that being a family it needs both to be married so you will live happily not perfect but at least you will be proud that you have a family and you married the person you love. Why looking for a partner if you don't want to get married. If you believe in God, marriage is a sacrament unites with two people in the center of God presence. And no one can separate them, that's what I believe.

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