Hey guys

In my Country PayPal can't be used, If you create an account it won't work

How can I get a working PayPal account then
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Look for alternative payment receiving platform. Try to make use of that. Explore Stripe possibilities. 

If you still need of PayPal account, just catch up with your friends network located in PayPal acceptable countries, make use of them. Of course there are certain nominal charges deducted while receiving payment. 
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Once it is not working in your country m don't try to open it  in friends names or relatives in other countries they will discover this and close it for you. try things that is available in your country here is some of payment methods check them Payeer, Skrill, Papara, Payoneer .
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so upon registration you can any country in the world where paypal is allowed, but when entering your personal details that is where your select your original country and you will be good to go. example


then in the registration you can choose the country of your origin.

i did it and it worked for me, even though I'm from Ghana
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Yeah Bro, I know of that

But it doesn't work again, Paypal has gotten hold of that strategy...the moment you create the account with that method, they'll instantly put a permanent limitation on the account
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I am sorry if it is not possible, then you cannot have a PayPal account. Why not take the chance of having the next option? You can try Skrill.
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You could try an post a Craig's list posting. Offer to pay to use one. Check if they will accept business account. Or you !am not be able to participate in that site unfortunately.
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I do not understand what you mean by craigslist posting. Please can you explain?
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I also faced a similar experience. The answeree admin told me that they can't send money to paypal account. But I used to get from usa. I think paypal had made some recent updates.
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If you have a close family or friend from the other country that has Paypal maybe you can ask a favor from them to create an account in Paypal for you. That's the only way to have an account. You need to choose a person that you can trust to do your account since you will give your important details to them. Maybe later on once you have an account you can edit some of the information like the username and password so that person who created your account does not have access to your Paypal account.
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There are other alternative option you can choose from but it depends with the online work you are doing. Open an account that you can recieve payment from your online work. I know of skrill 


Perfect money 


Bit coin wallet 

Lite coin and am sure there are several others. 
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Some countries are banned from using PayPal and the best thing to do is to use alternative means to get payment.try binance account if you can.
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