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A woman I know told me that her son had driven into a parked car while he was drunk. She said if the police came round she would say he was at home all the time. I think this is wrong because her son should own up to what he has done plus if she is caught lying she is breaking the law too. What would you do?
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I've read interesting answers to this question. I'm thinking, what if the crime was something grave like murder? Something the law wouldn't forgive but the person offended was willing to forgive and forget. Something punishable for life. 
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If someone murdered a person close to me I don't think I would be able to forgive and I certainly wouldn't forget. 
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As you mentioned, it was something grave so how can you even forgive and forget? Has it kind of happen to you or to someone you know?
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Yes this has happened to someone I know. A reckless driver killed her son. The man was caught but she forgave him. She said prosecuting him would not bring back her son, it would only cause his own innocent family more heart ache, another loss and mourning for the world. The most important thing was for him to be sincerely remorse and I think he was. She definitely would never ever forget. 
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No and I pray it never will but I saw a documentary about people who kill someone with one punch in a fit of anger. One guy was so remorseful and the mother of the victim forgave him and they became friends. I suppose it would help if the person who did it was very remorseful.
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I agree with that and this then goes back to being brave enough to own up to what you did.
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If a loved one broke the law I would speak out. Keeping quiet or being on their side would not make them correct their mistakes. It only gives them comfort that you are always there for them when they are wrong. 
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It could be very hard to give the one you love up for either crime or offense. But if I was the one, I would try as much as possible to stand for the truth. I know the consequence of my action could be grave in the sense that some of the family members might be unhappy with me.
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It is very hard to decide especially if by accident or something not intentionally happened. But I know a family who broke the law, and his own family reported him to police.

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I have always been a firm believer that people should pay for their wrongs. Hitting a parked car and running away will only do harm to another person. When they wake up in the morning and find their car wreaked they need to deal with this and their insurance company must pay. However, this person will have to come up with money out of their pocket to pay for part of the repairs. This person should own up to what he has done and offer his information to the person to get their car fixed. In the end, driving drunk won't be the only charges he will face. He will face a hit and run accident on top of all this.
I get it that his mom is trying to protect him, but in the end, she is doing him more harm than good. What if he had hit a person and not just a car. Would she still want to protect him if he had killed this person when he was drinking? If it was me I would call the police and tell them what happened. They might find out sooner or later depending on if a person had a camera on the street or not. There are many people who film in front of their homes now and he might get caught in the end.
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That's what I believe. You should never try to cover the wrong doings from the person you love. If he is not booked by law this time, he might commit another crime. If you truly love that person, you should let hom correct his wrong doings by going through legal process.
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I'm one person that is so blunt with friends and expect them to do same. We will never grow if we cover up irritating things because the person involve is our friend or family.sometimes the perpetrator of the act might not even know it's wrong but by speaking against we might be correcting the person unknowingly.

I will never condone any unlawful act from a friend or family it will looks as if you're encouraging them or approving of such.I had my friend's son in my car days back and he needed a pack of gala I got one for him,only to finishing eating it and then thrown the pack off the window when there's a thrash can in the car.I had to stop the car,send him to pick the dirt.

So I will certainly not condone any unlawful act.
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I will report him to the police whenever they come around,  it is very possible if he is been handed to the police and he is been dealt with might stop him from continuing drinking except the mum is in support of his drinking act.
It is very important for us to know that orderliness, rules and regulations are meant for our safety and welfarism and it our duty to maintain and protect it. I am sure if she speaks the truth, it will serve as a lesson to others and this will limit acts that are similar to this.
My advice to my love one always has been to make me proud where ever they and whatever they do cos I find it difficult to abet Evil or wrong doing. I was once in a disciplinary Committe and a friend was to face the panel,  I made him understand while I sit in the panel he should not see me as a friend but a man doing his job. It is good not miss emotions with responsibilities
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This can be viewed from two perspectives. If the boy did it accidentally, then I'll obviously have to protect him because we're talking of blood being thicker than water. Besides I'll later on talk to the boy and tell him what he did was very wrong and he shouldn't repeat the same any other day. Another perspective, if the person is used to doing the same same mistake then I'll definitely report even if am his mother. By reporting him my intention would be for him to get some mere punishment so that he cannot repeat the mistake.

Law is law and whether we try to cover up our loved ones, forty days will reach and the truth shall be revealed. If the person is so tough headed and careless then several punishments can help out no matter how hard they are.
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It needs a gut for a mother to stand by the law rather than protecting her own son. If a mother is capable of showing such character, unlikely her son would turn out to be a rule breaker.
However, in this instance, if the son is a deliberate defaulter then, I guess, he should not be protected. If the mother wants to stop her son from doing any such act in future, she has to be strict in the first place itself. This is not about being true to the law, it is about taking a corrective measure. If a mistake is entertained today, it might lead to bigger crimes tomorrow. Being a mother, it is her responsibility to channelize her son to the right direction. And, every journey starts with a single step.
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I wonder if that will happen to me. I think it depends on how severe the situations my loved one did. In some case, there are just mild offense so I better wait for the authority to tell me what happened and my loved one to be in under investigation and it should be a fair one. If my loved one had killed someone, I better know the reason behind because I know my loved one more than anyone else, he or she will tell me the truth why a certain crime has committed. I am very willing to help him or her to go to the nearest police to admit the crime and I will not keep it because I have conscience. No matter how hurt this one I should do the right thing. The only problem is the judicial terms in my country. I don't trust them. I believe in them, that is why I am thinking twice to answer this question.
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Now, this is a pretty tough question to answer, especially if you are in the actual situation.

Parents have this unique bond with their children and that they have the natural instinct to care for them. Although, this time I think you are very right that he should own up to what he has done. As a mother, she should try to give him pieces of advice that he must never abandon the consequences of his actions. I do believe that the values one learns from his childhood will be the foundation of his values come adulthood.

For now, it is just drunk driving but imagine when he is all grown up and doing silly things, and not actually dealing with the consequences head-on?

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