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True love isn't. Often times especially with younger people, love is usually confused with lust, passion and desire. The passion and desire comes with love but they cannot exist alone and be called love. When I was a teenager, I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that you can fall out of love with someone and then fall in love with another. I thought your heart and soul can only be connected to the soul of just one person in your entire lifetime.

True love is when you take away all the burning passion and desire, strip the beauty and youth, take away the money and candlelight moments and  you find that you still care immensely about another soul even when they hurt you sometimes.
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It doesn't have to be, not if it's true love, but people confuse lust with love and that can be very fleeting. Passion can be very strong at the beginning of a relationship and it often feels like love but over time that passion fades and something more solid and dependable has to take its place or the relationship will die.

Some people jump from one relationship to another because they want to feel that heady stuff that occurs at the start so  that type of person might feel that love is fleeting. I personally think that a relationship can be built on to make it strong and special. You hear about old people who have been together since teenagers and are more in love than they were at the start so for them love is not fleeting, it is lasting.
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I believe the only emotion that doesn't move with any reason or reasons is love if anything happened and one's love is in doubt then right from the word go it wasn't love,it must have been other emotions like infatuation or admiration than love.Love isn't fleeting it doesn't change according to situations in any way.

Love is too strong a word to be associated with fleeting emotions, I can admired someone for a particular reason and if that thing ceases to be there or fades away then of course the admiration will end but if I had loved the person I might not even noticed that let alone letting go of the person because of that. Love is a constant thing it doesn't change for anything.
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Love is natural affection that exists between two people of either the same sex or different sex.It is not expected to fade away regardless the circumstances. However,  some people find it difficult to differentiate between love, lust,  likeness and attractive. Love entails likeness,  attraction, understanding,tolerance, respect and comfortability,  this makes it a gradual affection that grows to maturity and never die.
Any relationship that is built on love does not end because the sucess and sustainability of every relationship is basically dependent on  understanding, respect and tolerance which love already entailed.
Love is not fleeting, it is everlasting,interesting, reliable, accommodating and sincere
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This basically depends on a person. In all new relationships, there is a new excitement that fuels the relationship. The thought of the person, their feelings, touch or even smell. How they talk, what you do together all adds a new excitement to a relationship. In these moments you want to savor all there is and take in all you can. However, over time the spark begins to fade and things aren't so new anymore. You start to understand each other, know how to please each other, and feel what the other person is feeling. As time goes on there is a bond that will form between you. This bond needs to have a new fire to help it grow and to continue on. If you can make it through the different stages and still stay together then this is not a fleeting relationship.

However, there are some people who always need this feeling of a new relationship and a new spark or fire. Therefore, they are never happy or satisfied with staying in one relationship for a long period of time. Therefore, these people will always have a fleeting relationship and it will be harder for them to find what they are looking for in life.
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I think it goes on different situation. When we say fleeting, it means it happens too fast. There are love that happens to fast. We cannot deny the fact that it happens to many of us. Some are fleeting feelings that you have feelings for a specific person and mostly it runs down after a month and you don't like him or her anymore. Sometimes you love someone and he loves you too so it is a fleeting romance you never know or you never even had an idea how it started. One thing is for sure, love is like magic and very mysterious. Some says that if it is a fleeting feeling then it is not a true love. It maybe a severe admiration or infatuation. It only goes strong when you see them but if you are not together you could be fine. True love should grow and influence us good always.
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True love can never be taken to be fleeting but rather to be ever lasting. There is propensity of love being confused for lust as often noticed this days among youths. Love has absolutely nothing to do with desires, beauty/handsomeness, passion, charisma etc.

However, on the occasion of love being seen as fleeting, we should know that there was condition or expectation right from time from either of the party in involved in the relationship.  And if this condition or expection is met, disappointment sets in and the so call love dies of premature death. In that case, the love was based on physical asset or material possession.

Anytime and anyway, love is undiluted, pure and unconditional. As for those seeing as fleeting, are only deceiving themselves because after all said and done love will always win no matter the circumstances surrounding it.

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