I'm thinking of piercing my ears and putting on earrings, but am a boy so I want to know if it is inappropriate to do that.
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No. It is not bad to wear earrings as a male. Even before the eighties or nineties era there are already males wearing earrings as a form of accessory. They usually wear it on the left ear only as a form of accessory only with the small round or small diamond type. I think recently there are guys who are wearing both ears. It really depends if you think it will look good on you then you can try one ear or both ears. 
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Don't worry about what others say , if you feel like you want to wear them , then by all means go ahead . 

I feel like its very fashionable , and I have seen men wear it too
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Yes, it is inappropriate in a society like India. Male should strictly not wear earrings and if they do so, then they will be considered trans-gender. So please be careful!
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I don't think there is a problem if a man wants to wear earrings. For some, they took it is a trend fashion for men to wear them. In the modern days, it proves the gender equality.
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