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I would choose to be right. It could be tempting to choose to be kind instead, to not hurt people's feelings, but i do not believe in sugarcoating things. That just complicates everything.

I live in a country where English is not the mother tongue. Not everyone is good in it, but due to the Western colonization, most of us speak the language. Being in the field of research and constantly needing to write technical papers and deliver presentations in front of different types of audience, one should have good command in English, both written and oral. In this regard, whenever i hear a workmate speaking in wrong grammar, i always try to correct him/her. I know it will hurt their feelings somehow but if you think about it, it will actually help them in the long run. Because then, when they present in a different audience, they would not be laughed at.
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I will always go for being kind,though I will always want to show I'm right but this will be so self centered of I will prefer to share the joy around by being kind.

Kindness brings so much joy to everyone, not just to me as a giver but to everyone around.I wouldn't want to be that selfish when I can show a little kindness to everyone.   
Being kind can be memorable than being right.No body ever get remembered for had always being right but we can't say  same for some kindness done in the past.

Being kind can be helping humanity to prosper but what have ever being right ever done than just helping one have an over bloated and inflated ego.
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It really depends on the situation and how sensitive or vulnerable a person is. There are times where it's important to be right and say it as it is but on the other hand it is sometimes better to be careful with someone who could be very hurt or damaged by the truth.  If I was going to die I would want to know the truth so I would expect my doctor to tell me but when my mother was very old and frail I would sugar coat the truth a little because I didn't want her to be anxious about things that were going on in her life. If I had told her the end was near she would have been terrified so although I wouldn't exactly lie I would try and make it easier for her with the words I used.

It's also important to be careful with children especially when talking about stranger danger. They should be told that there are people out there that cannot be trusted but in a way that will not terrify them and make them mistrust everyone they meet.

I think it's important to be right when you can but there are times when it's better to be kind or at least choose your words carefully so as not to scare people.
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Different situations call for different measures. I really think that it depends on the situation. There are times that being kind is the best option whether you are right or not. I prefer to be kinder to people who are frail and very emotional. Even at that, there are times you need to do right by telling them truth because they need to hear it and it is best for them.

The choice for me to be right or kind can is highly dependent on the need of the individuals. It depends on what I think is best for them and not what they want. There are also people who are realist and always want to hear it like it is. I don't have to do right by such people.
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Sometimes being right misunderstood some people. They tend to feel that being righteous means you never do nothing wrong all your life and you are not a human for doing that. I want to be right when i was young. I abide the law, I abide what my parents said to me, but sometimes being wrong makes me learn more. I am not saying try to do some problems that will cause you headache, I mean I want to try new things that even I commit a mistakes, at least I learn something from it. Being kind is what I want because I am not the type of person that is kind, but I am nice. I think kindness is deep within us and being kind consistently really makes us a good person. It is hard to be kind that is why I want to try. I am only kind to people who are kind to me though.
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I believe i am not allowed to sit on the fence because i would have loved to go for the both. Since it's expected of me to choose between them, i will go for being right.  Being right, for me is a moral obligation while being kind is a personal quality possessed by anybody who chooses to.

Moreso, being right does not necessary provide you that much chance to choose because it is expected of you to do right. If you are caught doing something wrong instead of doing right thing, it would not be your only conscience that will prick you but the judgment you would receive from people would be more than enough for to handle. For instances if you decide to work against your moral obligation of stealing instead of doing the the right thing by not indulging it, the law would definitely catch up with you.

Furthermore, you choose not to be kind and there is no consequence for it. At that moment, you may just be seen as inconsiderate, which you might get the second chance to correct such impression in the future. But once you being right is compromised is something you have to live with for the rest of your life.
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I get th point you're making on both subjects. But sometimes, not being kind can be damning to a person's personality, especially in cases where it's the first impression. Any person involved at that point which you chose to be unkind to might judge you wrongly. 
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Rubin "The Hurricane" Cater was an American Canadian middle weight boxer who spent over 20years in prison after being wrongfully arrested and convicted for murder in 1966. On the night of his arrest, a double homicide was committed and police were in search of two male suspects who coincidentally drove the same car with the same color and headed the same direction as that of hurricane. The police mistook him for the suspects and arrested him. The point am trying to make has nothing to do with Hurricane, instead the person who was in the car with him.

John Artis was unfortunately in the car when Hurricane got arrested. He had met Hurricane in the club as a fan and admirer. He kindly offered to drive Hurricane home as he was too drunk to drive. He got arrested alongside Hurricane and spent over 20years in prison too.

The choice of being right or exercising an act of kindness at any given moment mostly depends on the different situations you find yourself in. Being right in some situations might be the best decision but can also unfavor the decider. The same goes for choosing to be kind which in some cases might cost you a bit.

This was the case of John Artis who was being helpful to another human. But unfortunately paid badly for his kindness. It is an example of rare situations where kindness paid off badly. But that is not to say being kind isn't a good choice.

On the point of being right, the same story above gives an example of situations where being right can be detrimental. The police and the jury who convicted John Artis and Hurricane thought they were being right. Their mistake ended up ruing two men's lives.

Asides from all said above, being right and kind as we all know are the standard and possibly the best decision to always exercise in any situation. It is generally termed as being humane.
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I have come to notice that there is a thin line between being kind and being right. The thing with being right is you always try to uphold integrity and fairness in everything that you do why when we come to talk of being time, it simply means having emotions for people which is almost the same thing has been right just that we talk of being right, we try to apply logic in things that we do.

Also, I will prefer to be right since this is the only way that we can get people to do the things that are right unlike when we tend to show more of kindness which is another way that we teach people that they can get away with so many things that they do.

I believe that when more people that are in the world that being right instead of being kind, the world that we live in is going to be a better place for all of us.
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In my own simpler understanding, I think I'll rather choose being kind in most circumstances, because; being kind is the only thing that will help you to see even far beyond what people can achieve. You will understand them and equally learn to respect their feelings too. And most importantly, you will be happy too,since you don't really need to judge any one.
Being kind also helps to encourage others on many things they are doing which are right. Meanwhile, it has its flaws too since you don't necessarily need to complain about those people so correcting them will be highly limited and mindful.
It is an independent world and people live an independent life. They don't want to be judged or disturbed. So for peaceful coexistence it is better to be nice than to be right. Say sorry most times and over look shortcomings with believe that no one is perfect.
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Choosing between being right and being kind is pretty a tough and delicate situation because there is no way of getting to know if you are being criticized for doing one and leaving out the other. Now, if I'm to look at both these options critically, I would say that doing right always seems to be the best thing to do because there is no way of getting attacked by people because you are doing the right thing that was expected of you to be carried out. But when you look at it in another way, when you do the right thing without showing kindness, people would categorize you as being cold and wicked without any human feelings or affection. But my question is does it really matter? Being kind without doing the right thing only means that you will be partial, so I won't agree to it but it's better to do both the right thing in a kind way.

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