I find the study of genetics and the analyses of DNA a marvelous advance in medical science.  Because of this research, many sicknesses that are inherited can be cured or treated.  However, a study of my DNA just to determine my ancestry?  I see no need for it.  For the simple reason I believe that we are physically related.  In fact, I think these ancestry tests open the doors for scammers.  In addition you may be opening up Pandora's Box or a can of worms and unleashing something that you can not control.

For example:  According to an article in National Geographic, the results of DNA tests for twins revealed different DNA ancestry.  Really?  Now imagine if those twins were fighting over an inheritance.  Uh huh.

Not only that but, maybe it was just fiction for a James Bond movies, but if it's true science that means that people can alter the DNA.  I'm sure everybody remembers the James Bond where Halle Berry was a Bond girl.  Not only does DNA alteration have serious implications for crime-solving and proving a person's innocence or guilt, but it basically adulterates or corrupts the "simplistic theory" that the results of a DNA test has all the answers.

Hey!  It's what I think.  There's no law against thinking. :)

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Anything is possible with science and it's the reason why I don't doubt if it's possible alter one's DNA through science process. 

I have watched a lot Sci-fi movies and witnessed it done effectively. So, if it's possible to carried out in the movies, it's very well possible to be done in real life. 

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I know the study you are talking about and there was another one on triplets. These 3 women were so close in all they did in life and it was strange how they all got married and had children around the same time. However, they did do a DNA test to see if it could reveal anything that would link why they did everything together. In the end, it proved that one of the girls had completely different DNA than the other two.
I have some idea what my DNA might prove and I guess it would be fun to see if it was what I think it is. My grandmother is American Indian, she married a man who migrated from Russia in 1891 when he was just 13 years old. Now his history is a bit of a mystery because he was born in Russia after a war the border was moved and now he lived in Poland. This happened several times until his dad was killed in one of the wars and his mom put him on a boat to New York. Now the question is this, what he Polish or was he Russian? This would be interesting to find out.
The same about my dad and his side of the family. I know how he ended up in France and I know that his great-grandparents were from Scotland and Ireland and migrated to France. But what is the real story behind all this? It might be fun to find out.
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I think I would. I already know that way back in my family there lived a murderer if what my grandmother told me is to be believed! Aside from any skeletons that could be dug out of the cupboard I think it would be interesting to find out about my forefathers.However I can see your point and it could reveal things that I would rather not know so perhaps it is best to let sleeping dogs lie but it cannot be denied that DNA is a wonderful advancement and has solved crimes that occurred many decades in the past.

As I understood it DNA cannot be changed, it is fixed for our whole life. However there are different ways in which it can be interpreted. Our genetic code is just a blue print which can be interpreted in many different ways. I was reading about twins who had identical DNA, one of them developed an incurable disease while the other didn't and this is because toxicity can alter our DNA which is what happened here.  It's a very complex subject.
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In New Zealand they have this website that if you take a DNA test you will know your history background. They always have an advertisement about it, it is bot free though. they are showing people to use it so they will recognized their ancestors. But, for me it doesn't necessarily if you know your parents background and you grandparent. Not unless, you don't know your family background and you are looking for them.  It's very helpful for those people who have lost their family and they cannot track them. The DNA can be alter, but I am not one hundred percent sure if the result is real though. It might be something they have done to test every people available they have to trace each ancestors. For me it doesn't matter anyway.
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Well, I think DNA testing for the sake of tracing ancestral origin isn't such a bad idea. It's probably one of the best ways, if not the only way to gain some type of closure for those who have little knowledge on their ancestral background.

Another reason I agree with DNA testing is because of forensic purposes. Just like the reference you made above with the James bond movie, DNA testing can help the opposite way around by solving crimes. Yes, a person's DNA could be planted in a crime scene for frame up, but we know how very much unlikely it is. Movies make it look so easy.And besides, other forms of evidence also comes into play. In my opinion, DNA testing for solving crimes will do more good than harm. 

Going back to your question, you made a reference to DNA testing in relation to genes and tracing any line of potential health risk. I kind of agree with your point which says that going down this path might just be opening pandora's box. There's this quote over here that says what you don't know, can not kill you. It's not like it makes complete sense to this situation, but it says there are certain knowledge that should be left unknown no matter how true or factual they are. Finding the truth sometimes might hurt more than the lie. 

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Personally, I am not interested in any genetic probing of my ancestors. As it's often said that ignorance is bliss. In this case, there are things that I wouldn't want to dig up that are related to my ancestors. Whatever they were known for let it remain with their own self, but as for me, I am moving on with the present state of genetics I am familiar with.

The truth is, the unravelling of one ancestral history through genetics could do more harm than good, because there are somethings that are better left unknown, because knowing them might just open certain wounds, which would plague the person for eternity.

This kind of genetic investigation is only necessary when there is need to uncover the mystery behind the cause of one's death, not trying to unveil where one stand in connection to the genetic make up of one ancestors.

Apparently, there is no wisdom in that, because we believers are made to understand that, old things have past away behold all things have become new.
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I would be willing to take a DNA test to learn about my ancestry. However, I don't think that there's more that I don't know about my roots. I mean, I come from a really long line of pure lineage. By that I mean my ancestors decades over centuries came from the same Race. From both parents. I don't have mixed ancestors.
However, perhaps it could tell me more about whether my ancestors also had pure bloods or they migrated or anything related to that. I believe firmly in the use of DNA testing to determine certain health history. That is very positive.

I've also learned that DNA can tell to some extent about certain lifestyle of a person. It could pick up traits of certain abilities. Other than that, I do not have skepticism about opening up some secrets or anything like that.
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Personally, I don't think that I would have any problems with agreeing to take a DNA TEST to trace my ancestral origin. In fact, I find it to be something that is very important, interesting and intriguing as well because it's going to offer me a lot of insight as regards to whenever my ancestors and forefathers came from which is an information that I'm not privy to at the moment.

But in our modern society especially in the third world countries regarded as the developing world, most people have serious issues when it comes to taking DNA test especially women because they are too promiscuous in their marriage and the DNA test puts them at the risk of getting exposed with their children paternity test. There has been so many broken marriage as a result of this DNA test.
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Why would i do that really, i think i am satisfied with who i am i don't need to know stuff that will probably not add anything of substance to my life. Like you have put it so clearly you could be opening up a can of worms that may cause you unnecessary pain or grief. You are better off with the current information that you have, if it is bad then you find a better way of dealing with it, and if it is good, then the better for you, you ride with it until where it's going to land you. DNA tests are meant to bring out the truth about a certain situation that cannot be solved with what is available, why would you subject yourself to go for jabs and and tests that will keep you at the edge of your seat everyday wondering about results that may help or may not help you, when you already have people around you who can help you with whatever questions you want answered. It's really an absurd thing to do. If i was in a predicament where i bore a child with mu husband and for some reason he doubts that the child is not his i will definitely go through it  just to prove my innocence, and to get some kind of closure so that i don't get tormented over stuff that my partner feels has been cheated.
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