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What would you like to do first once you receive your new Galaxy S8 Plus, e.g. take photos, buy a case or screen protector for it, etc.? I went for a screen protector and would appreciate your share
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I wish I can afford to buy such phone, if I have one I will take good care of it and buy any protector to protect it.
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Ooohh wow i would like to upgrade mine, if i had one i would definitely go for a screen protector for starters, insure it if i can, then the reat will follow.

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Considering this is a large investment for a phone, I'd get a protective case and screen protector before I started to use the phone. If the phone gets dropped or damaged during use, it is a waste of money. Protecting your phone should always be your first priority. No matter what electronics you buy it should always be protected from unforeseen events. 

After my new phone is in a nice shock resistant case with a good screen protector, I'd start to configure my phone. Setting up my phone would be my second step. I like to have all my contacts and information stored back on my new phone before I started to add anything else.

After this it is time to check out the phone and see how the new camera works. 

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I would buy a protective case + glass screen protector...then I would move onto using it.

I would also make sure everything on it is working such as the sound, the screen...etc.! I would check if every single accessory was included in the box first thing!

Then I would move onto setting it up (sync my google account, set up e-mail and notifications etc.) > then explore camera > add apps such as whatsapp etc.

Safety first tho!

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The first thing I will like to do once I received my Galaxy S8 plus is to protect it first too,by getting a good casing,i will then get a nice screen guild,after then I will start taking lovely pictures,download movies and music,then straight to the Internet to meet up with friends,chat,play games,gossip about the new by showing off :P etc. 

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There is this anxiety that faces any normal person when he or she purchased a new commodity. If I receive a new sumsung s8 the first thing I would want to do is to test it's features and to familiarize myself with it. I'll go for the camera take few selfies and view the image quality then try to access internet and find out it's processing speed. But this depends with individuals some would want to put a screen protector first, some would want to charge first

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