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so i want to watch a kdrama or jdrama means korean or japenese or any other asian drama with a strong hate love first two main leads (guy and girl) hate each other but slowly after they fall in love with each other. i also don't want the girl too be girly or wimp and cries too much. She should be a bit strong minded . I have watched Secret Garden,Boys before Flowers (all versions) Married not dating, You're beautiful.I want the hate to be there for many episodes not for few and then please! And i will love if the guy falls in love first. You can give story and genre as well but no spoilers THANKS IN ADVANCE :)

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Wow yess, só many!

Watch descendentes of the Sun (perfect love hate kdrama)

While you were sleeping, also amazinggggg love hate one

In need of romance 2,  lots of love and hate 

These are awesome  :) have fun! I really find these doramas do be the best one i have seen on that subject , i have watched like dozens qnd dozens of kdramas, só these are really worth your time :) 

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