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This is one show I can't get the head and tail of,mayhe  because I'm no feminine because in the family I see it being watched mostly by the females and sometimes I will just agree with the slogan what women loves sometimes can't be understood by a man. I don't get how people will just sit down to watch people detailing their superficial lives that wouldn't even add any value to another's life. Unless the person wants to live a vain life which I can't really wrap my head around the importance of that.
The few times I was forced to watched when nobody wanted giving me the chance to see my soccer game I didn't just like  the show. Instead of beating my self in the name of seeing this show I prefer to sleep, I will benefit more at least will have a well rested body than keeping up with vain lives.
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The Kardashian family! A lot can be said about this family really. I don't know why someone would be so comfortable with the idea of laying their dirty laundry out in the public for everyone to know. like really, it doesn't make logical sense to me. This is your family life it revolves around you, the way you live should not be anyone's business?. I don't like this show because its sickening to see how people are throwing around money when there are people out here who are desperately looking for a home with very limited things. Its not about luxury, but just the simple things in life. So i always feel when they show people how they live a lavish life, and how money is so not a problem to them, does it ever occur to them that some people would want to commit suicide when they see that and cannot have it?

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