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There is always something in our lives that we don't like about ourselves. For me i don't like the way i decide to hold back issues that affect me. Like for example when someone does something to hurt me i would rather be quiet than face it at that particular moment.
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Money problems are what I hate about my life. Up to this day I cannot escape from Money problem knowing that I am working and earning money. I want to solve this lifelong problem soon. 
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I hate the fact that I'm not a smooth talker.I stammer a lot and this doesn't allow me to freely express myself.its annoying when you know what to say but getting those words out become a problem. I don't even get into arguments because even if I'm right,the smooth talker wins and my stammering even gets worse when I'm angry

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Sometimes we can't just change who we are and try to take what we can't change ,dislike or hate about ourselves in our strides and that's what I try to do.I don't focus on the impossible.

I dislike or hate the fact that I don't socialize enough with people ,I get bored with people easily and just want to be alone and I have huge phobia for crowd. I hate to be in the midst of too many people. I'm not entirely antisocial but at the same time don't feel too comfy when with many people.

Sometimes it feels like I don't really know what I want, one minutes I feel like being with friends and get there,not spending more than some minutes I feel like going away and being on my own.I like to socialize all the same but the problem is always about spending time with people I wish I could just change this aspect of me
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Are you trying to say that you are a loner? There is nothing bad with being alone or spending time by yourself, but you should not let that determine who you are. You need to shake off that idea in your mind that you are antisocial. It is a mentality that you are keeping in your head and it has made you believe that you are not the social type. Get into the mix with people who have the same interests as you, challenge yourself sometimes and try to fit in the crowd and you will see how well you fit in. You just need to believe in yourself sometimes and things will change that's all. The mind is very cunning, so you pay attention to you and not what your mind is telling you. Only then will you realize that you are a people's person. Try it you have nothing to loose.
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I hate how my mind has been conditioned to the thought that when something good happens, something bad comes after. This has been haunting me and has prevented me from celebrating even little achievements because my mind also thinks that there's nothing good with celebrations if I'd be in trouble afterwards. I have been this way since time immemorial, and until now I still haven't figure out how to beat this state of craziness. I think I'm being so pathetic about this but it can't be helped. It's like the mind has been so afraid for so long that it no longer has the power to overcome such thoughts.

A friend once told me, "Some people need to have it bad for others to have it good." As silly as it may sound, it kinda gave me a relief. A relief that I am not the only person who's having this thoughts, and that people out there may actually benefit from the troubles I'm having. More than self improvement, it's good to think that these troubles make people experience comfort. It's a personal belief but I'm happy with that.

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Am just trying to figure out your story and am thinking maybe you went through a traumatic situation and it messed you up. Could it be maybe your living in denial or something? This are just my thoughts. It could be you are trying to avoid something that happened to you long time ago from happening again. We all have this funny notions and feelings that fill our minds and sometimes they can be so bad to the point that someone looses their mind, but like i always say its all in the mind and your the only person who can change the way you feel. So don't let the mind control you, you control what you want to feel so just shake off those thoughts from your mind and think positively. When those negative feelings come to you say something positive to yourself like i am well able,  am smart, am the head and not the tail and see what that does to you. If you do that repeatedly you will begin to believe it and suddenly you will stop feeling bad about yourself.
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I think it might be because I have always recognized a good-bad pattern kind of thing with regard to my experience. Maybe they're just a series of coincidences, maybe not.

By the way, thank you for your kind words. :)

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Your welcome i hope this situation changes for good all the best.
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I wouldn't say I hate anything about it but there are areas I would like to improve on. I think the problem that gives me the most anxiety is a very difficult family member. He visits once a week and more often than not causes me a huge amount of stress, At this moment in time I can't do much about it but in a few years this should change and things will be easier for me. Apart from this I am quite lucky. I have extremely good health for my age which I don't take for granted because there are many people much younger than myself with poor health. It helps me cope with any difficult issues which crop up in my life.

Unlike you I tend to say what I think and this can cause problems too. I have fallen out with several people because of it but at least these people are keeping their distance now so in some ways it is a good thing because at least I don't have to deal with their annoying behaviour. I know it's not a nice feeling to fall out with people but now I don't have to pretend to like them.
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There are a few things that I hate about myself too. I hate how I make rush decisions sometimes and I end up regretting later. It has really affected me even in my love life. There is this time that I had a sad day and ended breaking up with my boyfriend with no genuine reason. I regretted later and asked for forgiveness but I still felt bad afterwards that I was making rush decisions.
I also hate how I can keep things to myself when I am sad. My friends usually run to me to tell me how heartbroken they are or how sad they are yet I cannot do that myself. I love keeping things to myself and crying on my own which is not good sometimes. It is always good to tell someone trustworthy about what you go through in life so as to heal faster or get a solution.
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I really hate being conned especially something that I know I  deserve it honestly. Some one people will literally grab that opportunity that belongs to you and try to cover up with something else. I remember being conned a certain kind of scholarship that guaranteed me to do medicine within my country. I hate those people upto now and don't think I'll forgive them in some way. In fact I think God has started punishing them because i think they're reaping what they sow.

Nothing hurts like knowing something was literally yours and someone grabbed it right from your hands. Although I might consider forgiving them, but that wound will forever remain in my heart knowing that I was once conned and will never be at peace seeing them.

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