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I can't take measurably deserving risk to accomplish some thing worthy or great. Sometime in few years back, I was having a sound business idea which in my simple thought would be easy if I have the pprivilege to get fund to start it. So rally  round my friends and ffamilies to sourcstart up in the same spirit. Despite all persuasive approaches to extend of shares and commissions. No one could or was ready to help. They all thought I won't pay back.
I stood my ground never to loose hope. As at then I never reasoned to even debate within my thoughts to sell my only inheritance. But I later sat down to think deeply about the risk. Does it actually worth the family inheritance?. I had to decide. So suddenly I got a buyer to the inheritance, and I sold it even in a price lessee than it worth. Since I knew what I was going into.
I was paid the morning and people started throwing abuses and insults at me. But I turn deaf ear to them and proceeded with my ambitions. I got the business set up and believe me. First year was challenging as if people where actually right when they mock me. But I was determined to the course. Lo and behold, the business just starts to pick up suddenly and everything started moving smoothly. I got a bigger property than the inheritance. Those mocking my risk now work for me.
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No I won't be taking blind risks to accomplish any dream because it often leads to harm than any good. This will result in loss of wealth,health both mental and physical.This might also result in bad relations with family and friends.

There are instances when risks that were taken without much calculations that have resulted in accidental success but they are very less in number.It is just a sheer luck.

Let's take an example of an organization. The employees need a reason to work efficiently,if risks are taken without strategic planning and goals the consequence will be chaotic.Employees might leave the organization is search of better prospects.This loss of talent results in going out of business.

So risks must be taken with lots of calculation and taking into account of consequences. There must always be back up for back up plans and plans A to Z if something goes wrong in this ever changing environment.
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Why not,life is always about risk or risks.For one to get anything in life then some amount of risks must be expected.Even going to school and graduating is a isn't easy to commute everyday to and fro school and even being away from home the whole day.

Even working in some place of work is alot of hard work and risk especially for engineers that deals with heavy duty machineries that is dangerous to them physically and otherwise.

Even loving someone is a risk because alot of people have fallen victim of hesrt break and even dead by a lover. Even when the partner is volent they kept loving still something negative happens.
So yes I can go any length to have my heart desires provided it turns out positive for me,I will go all out for it.
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If it's all about taking a risk to accomplish something that's worthwhile, why not. I am willing to take risks that would propel me for greater height in life. As it often said 'no risks no rewards.' This shows that for anything amazing to be acheived in life, one must be willing to take risks.

However, risk taking shouldn't be blind, you must endeavour to weigh the pros and cons of whatever you want to take risk on, not just venturing into it all because you want to be seen as someone that's is daring. By doing so it could result into regrettable affair.

Nevertheless, in spite of being careful in taking risk doesn't mean one should be held back in striking out in whatever one wants to attempt, especially if one aspirations is concerned.
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Every success attained in life as elementary of risk taking,  living itself is risk taking.  It is our desire to be comfortable in life,  to achieve this there is need to have money,  we must work to get money regardless the nature of work there is risk involved in such work if you look deep into it.
If we must move from one place to another to have things done as desired you may be need to treck, drive your car or motorbike or even board public transport or plane these are fundamentally risk of life because any thing can happen while on journey.
No matter how simple or complex your dream is in life you must takes risk if indeed you must see it to reality. Every day we take one form of risk or the other just to make life comfortable sleeping with your two eyes close is risk taking.
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Life is full of risk and everybody does take risk even though some people fail to notice that they often do it unknowingly. Taking risk isn't only about a certain stipulated time when you get faced with making a decision for that particular moment, no, risk is literally an everyday life option.
During the west African Ebola outbreak in 2013-2016 which led to a widespread of highly infectious and acutely lethal viral disease, hundreds of people were afflicted. It was later gathered that the widespread was made possible through physical contact and consumption of wild animals which were primarily the carriers of the deadly disease. This reference is aimed at giving you an instance on how we take risk everyday without even knowing or thinking about it.

Most Africans consume bush meat which is a form of dried animal meat caught and slaughtered from the wild. In most cases, you can buy them from hawkers by the road side. And at hangouts, they get served with drinks for leisure. Now, the majority of people who consume these meat do not have any idea where it came from, or the  condition of the animal before it was caught and even the hygiene of those serving the meat for your consumption. Some do not even know what type of animal it was. After the outbreak, people then began to realize how much risk they were taking by eating meat from unknown sources.

Drawing from the above, this same act of neglegience can be associated with other daily activities we engage in. Hence, risk is something that is present in almost every part of our daily lives. So the question shouldn't be whether am willing to take risk in accomplishing something. It should be how much more risk am I willing to take in order to get accomplished?
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While I believe that there is need to take risk in life to accomplish the goals that we have, there is also need for us to see through the long-run goals of life and take such risks that is going to bring better fortunes to us at the end of the day. I don't really understand the reason some people will do something unbearable things all in the name of being ambitious.

This is amazing act that is evil when you do some things that will put the other person in some bad condition. Take for instance, there are some people that are set to make money whether they make it through the legit way or not, it is not their concern. I think such move is not fair since this is where killing people all in the name of making money came into play. While I agree we should be ambitious, I think there should be limit to that.
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To be honest, I cannot just take any risk. I was told once that "what is worth doing is worth doing well". In the quest to achieve your goal which of course should be something of substance and worth, you must be sure that what ever means take and sacrifices you make must be totally worth it.

It is called a costly mistake when you take risks that do not cut the bargain. It would be like selling your Porsche for the price of a canoe just because you need to get across the river.

In my opinion, before we take risks and make important decisions, we need to critically analyze whatever situation it is. We need to ask ourselves if the risk would be worth it in the end. Like can we live with the resulting outcome? If yes, why not? Go ahead.

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