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If you are looking for true happiness, then it is free, you just need to look around and find it. I do believe true happiness is free and everyone deserves it.
Happiness is not dependent on amount one have in bank but how many lives one is able to touch with the little one is blessed with because only in giving can there be receiving. Once you're contented with what you have happiness is bound to be within your reach.
But was there really not a point where money brought you happiness? Like being able to treat your family for vacation?
The truth is that money can buy happiness. The word happiness is relative in nature which means that the way person A defines happiness is not the same way that person B will define it. So, for many that I know, once they have money, they are happy. 
Actually i agree to some extent that money can buy happiness but only for a short while. All good things come with a price we can agree on that, but true happiness comes from God.

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Well people say it can't but I think it could make me very happy if I had a lot. If I had money and nothing else then maybe it wouldn't be enough but it would certainly make life comfortable. We all enjoy having nice things so as long as I had someone to share it with I would be happy.

People who say that money can't make you happy are usually very lonely and would probably trade it all in for love and I can understand that or maybe they have poor health so are not in a position to enjoy it. To have love, money and good health is everyone's dream but it rarely comes all at once. I know that if I suddenly came into some money I would want to share it with my loved ones. I know it would make me happy to be able to treat them  and give them things they wouldn't otherwise have.
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I really like your take on this. I also do believe that money plays a huge role in our daily lives and in our well-being.
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Yes,money can't really buy happiness.Happiness doesn't come from things,happiness comes from within and not without. Whoever depends on money for happiness wants to be frustrated in the long run because happiness that comes with money is fleeting  and running after winds.

Money can help us get  the different things we desired but deep now does that makes us satisfied when we desire peace, good health, good friends,good relationship and what money can't buy.Getting materials things can look fulfilling but when we need those things we can't buy with money then we will realize that money Has its limit.

The rich also cry you know,so this is to show that money doesn't buy happiness even with all the wealth and money at our disposal.
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I find this question a bit tricky. I've heard the saying that "the rich also cry" which makes me want to conclude that money can't happiness. I've read in the news where billionaires commit suicide then I think, with all that money, why didn't they buy the happiness that they deserved.

My conclusion was that money can buy a lot but definitely not everything you want. There are priceless things like love, respect, integrity, trust etc that no matter how much you've got, it doesn't guarantee getting them.

Look at it this way again. What if the one thing that can make someone truly happy is that expensive treatment abroad, that house to finally call home, an education, food on the table. The things that one cheque can take care of. If you offered someone that fulfillment, can't we say that money has bought happiness?
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Money is wonderful and it is great to get what you need. I know many people who have money and they don't have many friends. Therefore, they are always buying this and that for people to get them to be friends. I find this wrong. I don't need a person to buy my love, affection or even friendship. There are times in life that I have a lot more than other times. However, during these times I don't try and buy a person's love or friendship with the money I have. I just go on with life and worry about a rainy day and if I'll have enough to get me through.
Everyone always dreams of being rich and being able to do what they want in life. Not having a care or worry in the world. This would be nice but it isn't real unless you do for yourself and make your own way. Money can buy a lot, but happiness isn't one of them. You need to do this on your own.
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Yes. Money can not buy happiness. We need money for living happy. But the caring and lovable relationship need for happy life. To make them happy we need money. 
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