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Some people report that when they have been close to death they have floated above their bodies and witnessed what was going on especially when undergoing surgery. They report other occurrences such as seeing bright lights or talking to God.  Others feel that it is just the dying brain creating an illusion. What do you think?
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I have come across such stories too. I don't know whether to believe them. I think it is just the brain making illusions since humans just know that when they die, the soul moves out of the body and they meet God. 

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I was always taught to believe when we died and our bodies were burned it released our spirit. At this time we are free to float or go to the star to be with the family that let before us. However, before we leave we are to visit our loved ones one last time to say our final goodbyes. We will walk the spirit world here on earth for 3 days and during this time we have a chance to visit the ones we think of most.

I know this is true because I have experienced this three times in my life. I was very close to my great grandfather when he died. After his death and the ceremony to burn his body, he came to my room late one night. I was sleeping when he came to talk to me. The room turned cold and it woke me from a deep sleep. I saw my great-grandfather standing there before me. He sat down on the bed next to me and told me to always follow my heart and the one who guides me in this life. He promised to keep an eye on me and send me signs to help guide me along my path in life. He bid me farewell and he was gone.
When my younger brother died in my arms I felt such a loss. I was alone in my room on the islands one night and laying in bed. I started to freeze and the cold was overtaking me. The fog was rising up from the floor and my brother stood in the middle of it. He wanted to tell me how sorry he was for leaving this world so soon but he felt at pease now and was no longer hurting or sick. He told me it was his time to go and he needed to be with my great grandfather who was waiting for him. He told me to not cry for him anymore because now he was in a peaceful place and not to worry.
The last person that visited me was my father. It was very similar to the first two visits I had and my dad told me to take care and to watch out for my mom. He knew she needed help and asked me to be there for her.
So you see when you die you do have a spirit that will leave your body. Where it goes after it leaves this place we live in now is a mystery and we will only find this out when we go there to meet them and be with them after we die.
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I find this fascinating because although I sometimes feel that my parents and grandparents are close and often guide me I have never seen them. Some people seem more open to seeing the spirits. I wish I could see my loved ones again.
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I think that I learned this from my Great Grandfather. I spend many summers with him before he passed and he taught me the ways of our people. He was a very spiritual man and I learned so much from him. 
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I never used to believe that there's anything like near death experience. However, I had a similar experience that made me start to change my view. I know now that there's more beyond the physical.

I had just gone to bed one night. I was uconscious and conscious at the same time. I felt myself leaving. Like I was floating with a pull from a force very light. It felt so calm and peaceful. I was completely aware of my state but I had no control over myself and I didn't feel the need to have control. It was like my body complying. Something I can't really explain. After a moment, I felt like someone had tapped me. Then I woke up to reality but there was really no one there.

That is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. I don't know if I should call it near death experience or not but I definitely know that there's a connection between body, mind soul.
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It sounds a bit like lucid dreaming where the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming although normally he has some control over the events that are occurring and you say you did not.
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Yes,I have always believed that this is real and it as truthful as it comes. I think people that are in Coma or unconscious for days go through a near death experience because they are never here or there.

My cousin was undergoing a surgery to get out her fibroid two years ago and I was with the husband in the waiting or recovery room when she was rolled in after the surgery .While her eyes were open but she couldn't recognize anyone even the husband and before we knew it she slipped and the doctors were trying to battle to save  her life,I'm sure at that moment she had very little to hold unto  but it was good that at the end though it took days she came around.

In my little life I have witnessed scenarios like this for multiple times.Near death experience is real.
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I do believe in near-death experiences, as I happen to have experienced this once. Back when I was a kid, I used to climb trees with my friends. One of the best memories of my childhood, by the way. Anyhow, I cannot recall the exact details but for some reason I was alone at our neighbor's backyard where they have this huge cotton fruit tree. I decided to climb it. It was not my first time climbing this tree but perhaps I was not very careful at that time so I fell off. I swear I literally saw myself lying unconsciously on the ground. It was just like what you were saying--that the soul leaves the body. I was looking at myself for god knows how long. I was hoping someone will come and wake me up or at least send me to the hospital. But no one came. No one wake me up and until now I do not know I regained consciousness. Surprisingly, none of my bones got broken, my whole body does not even ache, and I went home like nothing happened.
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There are lots of people that could attest to it. There are people who experienced near death and they really saw their body and they realized they are floating. Some are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and someone is whispering them to enter it, though they decline the offer. Some says that they had seen their passed relatives and they are lending a hand, asking them to go with them. I know I had dream of seeing my body in bed and I seems to be floating but I am not sure if that counts to be a near death experience. It just good that those who experience it made it alive, like they choose to stay here on earth otherwise we don't have a story to tell. I do believe in near death experience because of the how the people share it and how they feel like sharing it.

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